Thursday, July 15, 2010

Collecting Faces and Stories

"Beverly, 10, and Kaye, 6"

I have a new passion: vintage photos. It all started with the photo above; I loved these two girls on a swing, enjoying a summer day. When it arrived, there was a description scribbled on the back with their names and ages. There was something about seeing these faces, and learning their names, that really interested me. I went searching for other faces and happy moments, and this is the collection I have put together so far:

"Bobbie Boyce, February 11 1927, Oglesby, Illinois"

little boy with american the tomato garden with tomato plants in the back!

"Alethia Black, age 13, taken October 7, 1903"
Such a beautiful face!
You have to wonder what her life story is.

couple at the beach...they look like they're having fun!

family on their farm at haying time...this picture just makes me happy!

"April 1945, St. Louis Missouri"
I love that someone felt the need to take this 'family portrait.'

They will all be framed and hung in our new apartment, along with other vintage paintings and book illustrations I have found on etsy. 

We went to look at our new apartment on Tuesday for the first time, and it's beautiful! We wanted to move in right then and there. My mind is whirring with design and decorating ideas. Looks like we'll be moving in October.

The Kiki La Ru shop is doing well, and I am working on new Cake Bunting, putting together new color combinations. Luckily it's my nephew's birthday next week, so I can combine making his cake with modeling the new bunting. 

xoxo country girl


  1. Dawn, what a beautiful collection of old photos! I am sure they will look beautiful framed in your new apartment. You must be so excited! Looking forward to your new bunting creations aswell! xoxo

  2. Good Morning! I love old photos too! I see so many at sales and antique stores and could look for hours through them. I just wonder though how do they end up there...why are they not kept in the family. In some small way, I feel better knowing that they're being remembered every time we look at them. I love your collection, you got some good ones and I can't wait to see how you put them all together.
    Take care!

  3. Hi ironic..I too posted some old photos on my blog a few days ago showing parts of Tom's family..that I had scanned for his family reunion. They were a hit and some took them to Kinkos to make copies right away:)

    Glad you will be in a new apartment soon and that your etsy store is doing well!!

    xoxo Gert

  4. These pictures are amazing! It's so sad that they were forgotten from their families, but wonderful at the same time to be cherished in another loving home ♥

  5. great old photos - so many stories to tell

  6. what a cool idea:). i love old photographs too.... they speak a thousand words. i can't wait to see your new place. please post decor ideas- so much fun:).



  7. I love that you're treasuring these old photos!

  8. I love vintage photos. These tell such wonderful stories, in just a single shot.



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