Friday, July 16, 2010

simple things for christina, and you

In celebration of wonderful Christina's birthday....a list of simple things.

ink on fingers after writing a letter
 the fragrance of soil after the rain
swallows dipping low over ripe wheat fields
the first bite into a croissant
a hot july sky with a black horizon
the first star

sleeping in his tshirt when he's gone
cream cheese frosting
a tidy woodpile
'i was thinking of you today'
a single leaf in a puddle
dew on wild raspberries
 spending the day in your pajamas

a perfect moment, and you remembered your camera

Happy Birthday, dear Christina!
Thank you for reminding us to savour the simple things.

xoxo dawn 

p.s. pictured are a batch of apple here for the recipe!


  1. I love your words, Dawn! so meaningful!
    My post for Christina consists of 'simple' wishes.

  2. Thank you for giving me a moment to slow down and remember some of the things that make life worthwhile.

  3. Happy Birthday to Christina... I love that list ♥

  4. those look so yummy!!

    a beautiful list!

  5. Hi Dawn
    It was your Simple Things post in January that led me to Christina, so I just had to say thank you
    Have a great weekend
    : )

  6. I was just going to ask what those are - and then I saw the p.s. They look amazing.

    Every once in a while, I come across a flock of tiny birds dancing. I wonder if they are swallows. I am always captivated by them.

  7. you had me at ~ ink on the fingers. love, sheer love.
    and yummy. i think i will stay a while and enjoy the dessert.
    thank you, my friend.

  8. the fragrance of the soil after the rain
    soooo rich.

    one love.

  9. i was thinking of you today....that just says it all

    lovely list sweet dawn

    sending love to you

    kary and teddy

  10. a tidy woodpile - it is a simple thing - and sooooo important!



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