Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Never Too Late To...

Sometimes I find myself enjoying childlike things. Yesterday it was chocolate birthday cake. Today it was wading in a creek, thinking of Christmas, and eating potato chips and grapes for lunch. I try to make up for a not-so-happy childhood as often as I can, and my husband does, too, which I love and appreciate. 

Do you act like a child sometimes? What do you miss? What do you still do?

I still braid my hair in pigtails sometimes. I paint my toenails pink. Cut my own bangs (though I've gotten much better since I was three). Read children's books. Draw. Write to penpals. Drink hot chocolate. Write little notes to the boy I love.

xoxo country girl

p.s. there are three new cake buntings up at Kiki La Ru! Have a look here .

Today, One Year Ago: wild plums and a small cry for help 


  1. Funny you should write this when I have just been wondering in my last post about whatever happened to my inner child? Really need to find her again...she got lost somewhere...I think I may have left her back in Narnia... :( xxx

  2. we are doing the same thing....baking birthday cakes !!!
    ella rose, my neice and i baked and decorated just the other day....

    and just so you know...yesterday i tied corn stalks to my lampost with a brown and orange plaid ribbon...i just couldn't help myself....

    i guess my fall decorating is child like...
    sometimes when people walk into my house in the Fall they ask "how many kids do you have?" :-{

    so i guess it looks like kids live here..which i like...

    sending love to you and kiki

    kary and teddy

  3. simple rhyming poems and coloring are still fun! and doing paper crafties

  4. Every Christmas I read two of my very favourite childrens books and watch them on DVD - The Box of Delights and The Children of Green Knowe.
    I miss digging in the fields pretending to be an archaeologist or being a private detective with my friend Tracey, and I also really miss playing with my Sindy dolls!
    Lovely post!

  5. Dan: I used to dig for crystals in my friend Lia's yard! For some reasons there were bits of natural crystals to be found, and we also found an arrowhead once.
    Thanks for the book recommendations, they sounds wonderful.

  6. I love the way you think, and I can really relate to it, since turning 50 I'm searching for my inner child all the more! Great post!

  7. i love jumping rope and blowing bubbles. :)

  8. Cake looks delicious! I still love childlike things; picture books, cartoons, juice boxes, lots and lots of sweets... the list goes on! ♥

  9. I read my favourite childhood books (What Katy Did, Anne of GG,Little Women,Railway Children etc etc) regularly,watch Little House DVD's, splash in puddles,make up dreams, stories & ice cream flavours with my niece & nephews...lovely post again, reminding me of the good things in life. Yummy cake too!! xox Rachel

  10. Even today I enjoy doing childhood things..coloring, rootbeer floats, writing to friends, just stepping back into great memories..

    Thanks Dawn for reminding us of what we had and what we can still have today!

    xoxo Gert

  11. I love to spend time with my inner child, I watch toons and often like to play silly games, comb a dolls hair and dress her with my nieces and thread beads on a string..... it's the simple things that make us happy. Definately for me it does make up for a sad childhood.

  12. Hi Dawn. I love to eat all those fun foods my diet conscious mom forbade me to have when I was little: Corn on the cob with melted butter, fried chicken, frosted cake, candy. I love 'not dieting' and eating whatever my heart desires whenever I'm hungry. I love the child-like magic of Christmas. And I feel real nostalgia when I hear some of the old pop songs that my pals and I used to sing into a hairbrush to as kids. Those were great times.



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