Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meeting Boston!

It was so hard to leave this soft, clumsy ball of love and playfulness. We are so in love, and can't stop talking about him. Kiki was a little suspicious of this tiny curious creature, and his seven brothers and sisters. But we know that she and Boston will become best friends once he is home with us. We're picking him up August husband's birthday! What a gift. 

xoxo country girl


  1. Oh, little Boston is just adorable! ADORABLE!! I can totally understand that you are head over heels already! And Kiki will love him, too, once he's home with you... Much love, Silke

  2. Darling darling little boy, he will become Kiki's best friend I know! Only a couple of weeks to go!! By the way,until I looked back at some posts I missed, I thought that lovely old photo at the top of the page was a young JFK with the Stars & Stripes!! What do you think?? Could be? Have a wonderful weekend xox

  3. Sooo cute! Great photos of you all enjoying each others company too. I'm sure Kiki will be pleased to have a four legged friend to enjoy outings with.

  4. Oh. he is so cute! Soon enough, he and Kiki will not want to be apart! When Andy brought home our rescue, Jacob, Veda was very skeptical... But not they teach each other things and have learned that they love each other!

  5. Twice the fun. Think Kiki will really enjoy Boston as her little brother. See why you are in love with him. He looks so sweet!

  6. will all love him...right KIKI!

  7. cute cute cute overload!! i just wanna squeeze him!

  8. Oh how sweeeeeeet!!!!


  9. oh bless him! he is darling. I bet you can't wait to bring him home.

  10. Oh, what a heartbreaker!
    Congratulations!! August 8th cannot come soon enough, I'm sure!

  11. oh heart is actually beating fast ...

    when i saw this post come up i nearly MELTED..
    i didn't know you were getting a new little puppy...what a sweet..darling little is just adorable...what a sweetie pie...he and kiki will be just the best buddies..

    i have to tell you..after buddy died i wasn't sure if i could ever love another dog...i will ALWAYS have a special place for Buddy in my heart (eyes with tears right now) but my little teddy is the center of my life..i ADORE and LOVE him so much. so does john....he is just THE BEST thing to ever happen to us...

    after such loss and sadness he has once again made this a HAPPY HOME !!!

    sending Congratualtions and lots of hugs...
    p.s. teddy turns 6 months on the 9th of august...

    i am so HAPPY for you and ramon...

    that little puppy is so lucky to have such a warm and loving home as your...

    this makes me so HAPPY !!!!

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  12. i am back looking at you and ramon and little boston....

    so HAPPY for you !!!!

  13. Oh Dawn...Boston is just adoreable. I know this will be one of Ramon's greatest birthdays EVER... and I know Kiki will love him too.

    xoxo Gert

  14. what a sweet little guy!! he's hard not to love:). he'll bring so much joy and energy to your home:). i wish i could kiss his little black nose!! ;) i especially love the photo of the two sibling dogs checking each other out. congratulations- this is so exciting! :)



  15. He is so cute. You will just love having two Cavaliers. They are the BEST! Ours came at different times too and now they are like brothers - sleep together, play together, wrestle each other, lots of fun. Enjoy! Looking forward to reading your post on August 8th. Marley and Jasper send their woofs and licks.

  16. What a beauty! His little face is perfect. You are blessed...

    Kisses from Rouky and me!

  17. Soooo adorable! I'm in love!!! xxx

  18. Dawn! He is so precious. So fun! And I think it is a wonderful date to bring him home, because it is my birthday too! How funny...



  19. Oooooooh! He is absolutely beautiful, Dawn! I love the spots of brown above his eyes; they make his face so expressive! Lucky you to be gaining a best friend for Kiki. And I adore his name! What a fun fall you are in for.

    Sorry I have been away so much lately! I've missed visiting you here, and as soon as I'm settled in at the new place I'll be back to my usual visits. It has been one crazy month!!! Your blog is as gorgeous and welcoming as ever, my friend. xoxo Gigi

  20. Dear Boston,

    Aren't you a lucky, lucky little guy to find such a wonderful family to share your life? And a little sister too? You'll have such great times together.

    Can't wait to see you here often.

    Love and a pat,


  21. oh so you think that means trouble?!

    please stop on by and link up on my blog.

    xoxo, sarah

  22. oh my goodness! what a sweet little boy!
    can't wait to hear all about kiki & his adventures once he is home with you!



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