Monday, February 15, 2010

clementine curd



My dear friend Morwenna has been kind enough to send me Jamie Oliver's magazine once in a while, and when I saw the recipe for Clementine Curd in the December/January issue I knew I had to try it. Coincidentally, last week the most amazing clementines were included in my weekly organic produce delivery, so here I was, Monday morning, stirring fragrant sunny curd in a copper pot, excited to share the results and the recipe with you all. I love cooking curd...the way the runny juice, egg, and sugar mixture slowly transforms into rich, thick goodness and coats the wooden spoon. The strands of zest swirl prettily in glass jars when you fill them. The first sweet-zingy spoonful makes you smile.
When I finished making it I realized I had completely forgotten the butter. Strangely, the Clementine Curd tastes perfect, and has a lovely consistancy. Have I found a loop hole here? I suppose the butter would give it a creamier feel on the tongue, but as far as I can tell it does well without. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not to include it in yours. This really brings sunshine to a winter day.

Clementine Curd

zest and juice of 6 organic clementines
zest and juice of 2 organic lemons
350 grams castor sugar
4 eggs, beaten
2 egg yolks, beaten
100 grams unsalted butter, diced

Combine all but the butter in a medium sized sauce pan and mix to combine.
Add the butter and place over a very low heat. 
Cook, constantly stirring (you don't want the eggs to scramble), until the curd is thick and coats the back of the spoon. 
Pour into sterilized jars, seal and refrigerate.
Use within 2 weeks.

Makes about 850 grams.

recipe by Georgie Socratous in Jamie Magazine, December/January 20009/2010 issue

How are you all my dear friends? Was the weekend kind to you? Were you wrapped in love?
I am busy today, getting real about our finances in an excel spreadsheet, ironing darks, vaccuming Kiki hair, changing bedding. It's so nice to escape here to you, to take a little time out for things like clementine curd, pretty colors, positive thoughts. good to remember love and friendship. Thank you!

xo country girl


  1. What cute little jars of deliciousness. Love the fabric for cover and little tag. What a nice gift those would make-going to keep recipe to make for little hostess treats.Thank you♥

  2. Cute label! It looks so REFRESHING on this drab and rainy North Carolina day!

  3. On the finances, may I suggest any book by Suze Orman... I think the first one I read was "Nine Steps to Financial Freedom". Some of her books center on the nuts and bolts of what to do with your money, others focus on the why and how we spend our money, our relationship with money. She really is great.


  4. That clementine curd looks yummy! And I loved the way you canned it, so cute :)

    I had a nice Valentine's Day, thanks for asking... I hope you had a lovely one yourself♥

  5. This looks lovely...i have never made it with clemintines...

    i made lemon curd with blueberries when i helped sharon with that spring photo shoot for country living...i should send you the pictures of the tarts....if i can find them :-)

    they were cute...i would love to try clemintine curd....sounds wonderful...and your pictures are adorable...

    sending love, my friend
    and buddy

  6. so lovely dawn! the colours inspired me...your images are always so refreshing and bright! it is a long weekend here in canada, so my day is not nearly as ambitious as yours as i catch up on my fave bloggers posts while sipping coffee. tomorrow will bring back the reality of work soon enough and for today i'll settle into my little nest with wee luka!
    sending hugs & happy thoughts sweet friend!

  7. Helloooo dearest friend!
    clementine curd? oh yum! and yes your packaging and taggies are so cute!
    again thank you for brightening my day with your sunny post and pretty pictures! xox

  8. Sorry I didn't respond yesterday as I loved your writings!! You really know how to put words together...:) Your curd looks "oh so good and refreshing!" thanks for sharing it with us!! Now I know why 'yellow' is my favorite color!!!

    xoxo Gert

  9. very interesting Dawn, I might try lemon curd without the butter!

  10. It sounds absolutely delicious! And your presentation of it is just beautiful!!!

    Good for you for buying organic!

    :) T

  11. Mmmm! Have this recipe as I get 'Jamie' too, but this has persuaded me to make it! Coincidentally I made Lemon Curd Tart with homemade curd as part of our Valentine supper party on Sunday - so great minds think alike again!! We had a lovely weekend, glad you did too. LOVE xoxox Rachel ps = I agree with Elise about Suze Orman, she is fantastic & so practical x

  12. i bet it will be so tasty on scones. yum!

  13. What a sparkling flavor alternative...mmm... I'm playing with a lime curd just now, so have curds on the mind! Happy Day :o)

  14. I think I would eat it with a spoon...

  15. Hey sweetie - that curd looks lush and if you can leave out the butter I guess that makes in an iota more healthy right? xxx

  16. it's just like a ray of sunlight. xx

  17. btw someone lovely from Holland sent me some Chai tea, and I'm now enjoying a lovely fragant chai (lactose free)latte and wondering where it's been all my life!!!

  18. You always photograph such cheery colors! That lemon curd jar is so cute I probably wouldn't even open it! I'm sure it's delicious though. ;-) Happy day!

  19. Yay I am glad you enjoy the magazines and the recipes :) Looks lovely Dawn, I am always making lemon curd so clementines will be transformed into spreadable yumminess next! xoxo

  20. Yum yummy! Oh my that looks so good. And it is relly beautiful in the jars!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy day to you!

  21. Wrapped in Love...yesyesyes
    Had dinner in your birth town and walked the beach in Stinson...we collected stones for the 'Jule's' jewelry display case at our gallery and every rock we looked at was beautiful and reminded me of your " beauty in small things" series...check my blog for photos that day(in a couple of days:)..
    Boy, that Clementine curd makes my mouth water...possibly my favorite sweet thing is curd...yours at the top...any eggy custardy yumminess.



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