Saturday, February 20, 2010

sheeps wool angels



I've been meaning to share these with you for a while. Aren't they beautiful? I have a good friend who owns a tiny store here in town where she sells Bunzlauer ceramics. A few years back, at Christmas time, she also had these little angels hanging all around her store. I was so smitten! She told me that she had discovered a woman in Poland who raised her own sheep, and used some of their wool to make these little angels. She harvested the wool, died it different colors, made some of it into felt for the clothing and wings, and then used wiry hair and miniscule dried flowers for the details. I collected them yearly, until this last year when my friend told me the woman had stopped making them. I hope she will start again. I think they are just beautiful, and I admire the love and details that went into each and every one. I wonder about the woman, what she looks like, what her farm and sheep look like...what made her decide one day to make little angels. 

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Kiki fell ill the day before yesterday, so she is taking medicine and sleeping alot. (Right now she is napping with my husband on the couch.) Please send little prayers that she will be healthy and happy again soon...

xo country girl


  1. these little angels are so perfect!! if you ever find that she's making them again, please let us know. they're beautiful. i would just keep them out year-round:). poor little kiki! we're thinking of her and hoping for a recovery this weekend, so that she can go out for her daily walks feeling good:). enjoy the rest of the weekend, dear dawn.


  2. Lovely little angels. What a great idea for the wool. They are very unique!
    Hope and pray Kiki gets better soon!


  3. I love those little angels! they are so pretty and look comforting and whimsical at the same time...

    Sending lots of love to KiKi and you all!! I hope she will be good as new soon!! Love, Silke

  4. P.S. I wanted to tell you that, thanks to you, I went to Renee's Garden Seeds and ordered my seeds! I am so excited. When they come in I'll show you what I got. Til then, I'll let it be a surprise:).

  5. oh little kiki...thinking of that sweet little girl and hoping for a speedy recovery full of snuggles, rest & love!
    such whimsical beautiful pretty!
    happy weekend my friend

  6. Darling little angels, who doesn't like or need a angel.


  7. Oh how I love the angels. I collect them also but have never seen anything so exquisite before in my life. thank you for sharing them with us! I'm praying for Kiki and know God is listening, He knows her beautiful spirit and will help her to heal.

    xoxo Gert

  8. Will say a prayer for sweet, little KiKi. I hope she knows that she has her very own fan club here!! She is quite adorable.


  9. Dawn...what happened to Kiki? Is she o.k.?

    You must really be on my mind because I had dreams about you last night..and were visiting me in California and you were wearing a knitted cute :-)

    the angels are adorable...

    we have you and Kiki in our thoughts and prayers here today...

    please know we are thinking of you and your precious Kiki...

    sending love and get well wishes,
    kary and buddy

  10. Those are so precious!

    I hope your little Kiki feels better soon, she'll most certainly be in my prayers ♥

  11. Kisses hugs and feel betters to KiKi.

    The wool angels are adorable.

  12. oh precious Kiki-get better!
    Those angels are so dear, I bet they would look sweet hanging at different heights from fishing line.

  13. Poor Kiki - what is wrong?! Hope she is on the mend? These angels are indeed very delightful... xxx

  14. prayers sent up for Kiki.

    these angels are the best.



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