Monday, February 1, 2010

Pink February

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February means pink. It means celebration. My birthday is on the 10th. Valentine's Day is on the 14th. My anniversary is on the 26th. And we are one step closer to spring.

And yet, February remains a quiet month for me. It's not as bleak or sober as January, but it's still very introverted. I find myself thinking big, long thoughts in February, like, where am I going? Am I doing the right thing? If I read about myself like a character in a book, would I like that character? What should I do for my birthday? Do I look fat in these jeans? Well, I am wearing my pajamas under them....
Yes, big, serious thoughts. 

So here I am, Monday morning, in my pink pajamas, thinking my big long thoughts, wondering what February will bring....wondering what wonderful things I will learn from you fellow bloggers....wondering if I will manage to give you back some of the joy you give me. Some of the beauty. Inspiration. Insight. And love. 

I hope so.

Happy Pink February everyone!

xo country girl


  1. My mum will be 60 on the 26th. We're making a scrapbook from all her grand kids and we're getting her tickets to the opera. She would have liked for us all to get to together but there's 25 of us and it's not an easy time to travel with kids and babies.

  2. Happy February, Dawn!
    Hey, listen to that: I've just a read a post by Kim at Happy@Home (you'll find her on my blog list) and she says she likes Gladys Taber. I remember you were looking for suggestions on similar writing so I thought you may ask Kim.

  3. Happy February! and Happy (early) Birthday! um, I want to eat that piece of cake in the picture, the frosting looks incredible! I think february is for being somewhat introverted still, and that those questions, are important to be pondering! I hope you have the most wonderful month!!!

  4. a month of celebrations painted in pink! i like the sound of that. i'm always so happy when january dissolves into february...a fresh month and as you say a bit closer to spring. i love your new header and look forward to all the lovely thoughts and photos you will share with us in february!
    happy monday; happy new month sweet dawn!

  5. ah, february! and your birthday is coming up ... birthdays are such gifts.

    that slice of cake is beautiful. my daughter's first birthday is in march - i am wondering if someone could do that icing technique on her little cake?

    oh yes and your new header is lovely!

    here's to a fresh february with january behind us! xoxox - sg

  6. Hey sweetie, I've been having big thoughts too - so I took a leaf out of your book and took a walk in nature (See most recent post - I thought of you as I wrote it). I too am just like you - where am I going? I do feel rather lost right now in someways. My thoughts keep twisting and turning like a car traveling downhill a windy road! I too hope February brings something good. There was a full moon this weekend, so I wished on it... xxx

  7. I love the way this cake is decorated!! If anyone knows how that is done, I would love to hear. I usually order cakes with basket weave on the sides, but this is so much better than that! Simply beautiful!

    P.S. - Thanks for allowing me back! LOL

  8. love the pink bits of happiness - funny, i always think of february being the coldest month....or is that just here.

    i can't wait for march though - it's one of my favorites.

  9. You do bring joy to us Dawn. Your blog is a nice place to come to get away from the woes of the world and see it through fresh eyes. Thank you for the little vacation and your inspiring thoughts.

  10. Happy Pink February to you too! Have a look at my blog tomorrow, I'm planning a very pink post! x

  11. You have a lot to celebrate and be happy about in February!! For me, it all depends on how the weather goes. That cake looks wonderful ... who wouldn't have a good February with something like that in their life (or tummy)?

  12. you bring me great JOY my friend...

    lovely post...just this morning i was standing in the kitchen what!

    sometimes i wonder too.....

    Let's enjoy this sweet pink month together...

    love you.

  13. what a nice soft pink. happy birthday to you (a bit early). my anniversary is in february too. ;)

    one love.

  14. sounds like February is going to bring you many celebrations! love that you've coined February as pink month!

  15. ps just have to say it- I love your blog! I visit it a few times everyday just to have a little escape from the real world.

  16. February is such a big month for you! I love it, and yet I know what you mean about it being a thoughtful, rather introspective month.

    Sending pretty pink thoughts your way, and already thinking warm birthday wishes for you! xoxo Gigi

  17. Happy February to you too!! I love all your blogs--you are such a good writer and yes, you do and will give us so much with each blog you write!! Thank you!! Have a happy pink month!!!
    xoxo Gert

  18. happy february! so filled with promise.

  19. Happy Birthday Sunshine... February will definitely bring a gift laden package to your snowy door it still snowing?
    Your home in California remembers you well and sends lots of love and fresh green blessings.



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