Thursday, February 25, 2010

the most amazing morning!

We awoke to blue skies and birds singing. I snatched up my camera and Kiki and I were out the door. The most amazing morning followed, with exciting discoveries, the sound of water running in fingers of melting snow, and the sun warming our faces and souls. I hope, when you look at these photographs, you will be able to hear and feel what I did, in your own way.


 :: the first wild primulas! i couldn't believe my eyes. but there they were, yellow and delicate. ::

 :: a heart, thawing in the snow ::

:: rivers of melting snow and crows looking for food on the wet fields ::

:: patches of grass and sunshine, where we paused to soak up the warmth and birdsong ::

:: a slice of apple pegged to the branch of a birch tree for the birds; the colors were so pretty against the sky ::

 :: on the same birch tree, a piece of turqoise-painted wood, nailed to the trunk, with no apparant  purpose other than looking like a piece of art ::

:: tiny treasures to share with you in today's wonderful tiny nature table! ::

:: top row: bird's nest, four leaf clover, stick of birch with colorful fungi growing on it ::
:: bottom row: wild primulas, edible wild herb called yarrow, pheasant feather, mound of pretty moss ::

:: the precious first primulas are on my dining table now...I can't stop looking at them! ::

:: tell me about one of the luckiest aspects of your life...a reader will be picked at random to win this first four leaf clover of the year, which is currently pressed between the pages of a Gladys Taber book to dry ::

A kind reminder: Keep your eyes open for the tiny treasures along your path!

Wishing you a magical day,

xo country girl


  1. Green!?! i love it! we have a little poking up here too, it is so nice... I love the heart in the snow, I am always looking for hearts in nature. I heard once that where you find hearts in nature, Aphrodite has walked there.

  2. That's a beautiful tale, Brittan...thank you! I will think of it every time I see a heart in nature. :)

  3. I loved this post with all it's natural beauty!! I spent some time yesterday just watching the birds at our bird feeders - they were having a party! It's so sweet to see them all paired up as they are getting ready to build their nests...

    A lucky aspect? Hmmmm... I just consider myself lucky in general, although I do think that attitude has a lot to do with how often lady luck will visit. Only someone like you who sees the beauty in small things would have found that four-leafed clover. Anyone else wouldn't have had the "right" eyes to look for it. It's the same with luck, I think...

    Thank you for that boat story on my blog post. It was sad, but just a reminder to not put off what you want to do and enjoy life today!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!! Love, Silke

  4. Absolutely beautiful Dawn, I cannot wait to go for a lovely long walk on Sunday and make my own nature table to share with you :) The primroses I have outside our front door have just started to open up, I cannot wait for the other spring bulbs to catch up xoxo

  5. Gorgeous Dawn, as always! I so love the photos & the sense of quiet that emanates from them. Kiki looks well now, bless her heart. I had a similar walk this morning with Alice, much warmer & Spring definitely somewhere around. Forgot to look for tiny treasures, but I will tomorrow I promise. Thanks for your always wonderful posts xox Rachel

  6. a four leaf clover, lucky you:) We have buds in our garden. It's been freezing the last couple of days so I hope they make it.

  7. Hey sweetie! Love the excitement in this post - and wonderful to see the snow melting! Kiki looks a bit perplexed by it all - hope she is all better now? xxx

  8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures with us Dawn. I can just feel your excitement through these pictures. How thrilled you must have been to find such little discoveries.

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  10. What a nice walk you had ...

  11. What a lovely walk you had! Such beautiful treasures...♥

    A lucky aspect of myself would be my mother. She has had many hardships in her life, but still had the strength to pull through them and raise three children on her own, all the while keeping a roof over our heads. If it weren't for her, I really don't know where I'd be today. She's my best friend in the world, and always my favorite travel companion to every New England destination :)

  12. Dawn...all so beautiful..what a lovely walk you had with the promise of spring.....

    the tiny flowers are adorable...and i see the good luck funny...from my farm table here in san luis obispo...all the way to austria......

    so ggod to visit with you today...i've missed you

    sending love,

    kary and buddy

  13. You are right...we must be "looking" to find many of lifes treasures. It is awesome for me to share in natures beauty through your woodland potterings. The photos are given dressed with your words of encouragement and description. And here I am "trippin" in the beauty of life. Thank you.

    Lucky aspect: Sight to see the beauty, ears to hear the music, legs to dance and twirl, feeling the wind on my face. I can wiggle my tosies in a stream or touch the sky. My able body and mind can seek out and gather lifes treasures, and found wisdom, and share them with compassion and love. And I can smile. :)

  14. I bet it's pressed between the autographed Gladys Taber!! Excitement!

    Lucky and blessed am I!! I am blessed to have my daughter (24) after the doctor told me I would never get pregnant. Lucky oh yes!!!
    Blessed..most definitely!!

    You had a beautiful walk and came back with some beautiful treasures!! Love the nest, flowers and the feather!!

  15. What a lovely day you had. Spring is really on the way! I am really blessed--and so I must be lucky. And I try to be grateful every day! But I've never even seen a four-leaf clover (except in pictures like yours!)

  16. One lucky aspect of my life? I would say that I can appreciate nature since I come from a country background. Thank you for sharing these small treasures. Kay Guest

  17. hey dawn, beautiful post, as always:). i finally posted my response to your kreativ blogger award; thanks again for passing it on to me;).
    P.S. I'm so very fortunate to have my hubby & family; they are everything to me.

  18. beautiful post! the luckiest aspect of my life is by far my son.
    I haven't found any treasures around here but I'm going to my village next weekend and I'm sure there'll be lots of treasures there.
    PS. Don't count me in for the four leaf clover as you've sent me one already.

  19. Oh Dawn...what a lovely walk you had! And it was so good to see Kiki out and about with you. I pray she is feeling better as each day goes by. It is so nice to see 'spring' is truly on it's way in your corner of the world. While our world is still covered with snow and I can't wait for something green to pop up.

    Oh my gosh, how you could have found a four leaf clover is amazing to me!! When I was young I remember looking through fields of clover...just looking for one--just one but with no luck.:( However I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who loves and cares for me each and everyday. Now to me that is some kind of luck!!!

    Stay well and warm and thank you ever so much for such a lovely post!!

    xoxo Gert

  20. Hello! I am so happy to have just found your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every post from the very begininng - I especially love the way you write, see the beauty in everything, your stories and all the beautiful photos. I can't wait to read on ~

  21. what gorgeous treasures! i adore that feather. do be careful with the bird's nest and make sure you de-bug it.

  22. These photos are so pretty and green, and my favorite is the snow heart.
    The book about Kiki looks cute.

  23. What a perfect morning walk! I adore your nature table.

  24. I love your post Dawn, even when we have Spring,m it isn't as Springy as the one you get after your very Wintery Winter!

  25. dawn you just have a way of lifting my spirits...we share a beautiful world...thank you for sharing your corner with us! you had the most lovely morning for gathering little treasures; absorbing the sunlight that shone down on you! thought of you often give me you.

  26. Dear Dawn,
    I am SO happy for you! I can feel your excitement, i can almost see you skipping with joy, sun, green, flowers! spring is indeed on the way. This post makes me so happy too. It is my pleasure and a gift to me that you share here.
    The luckiest thing in my life is getting a second chance on love. And to have the loveliest man in the world, and his family love and welcome me and my children (i have five). And even more amazing is when i tell him how lucky i am, EVERY day, he tells me, no, it is him,he is the one. ♥
    i love 4 leaf clovers and have a special vintage one on my charm bracelet!
    have a wonderful friday!

  27. You sound like me, snatching up your camera and heading out for a nature walk. And I love the little heart you found in the snow. So cool!

  28. Yay, four leafed clover!
    Why is Kiki not wearing her warmies?
    Didn't you say she got sick?
    Just a concerned doggie granma...



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