Sunday, February 7, 2010

video clip: kiki does the fox jump!

Kiki started doing something new this winter: like a fox, she jumps with her two front paws down onto the ice to break it. We finally caught it on camera this morning and I just had to share it with you all. My husband filmed it with his phone, and that's of course me in my striped rain boots, cheering her on, showing her where there's more ice to break.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. We're resting up, gathering 'strength' for the Superbowl, which begins around midnight here. 
Sending you all a big hug from snowy Austria,
xo country girl
p.s. I want to welcome all the new 'followers' (who I prefer to call friends). I'm so happy you are here, sharing in the small, simple things with me. 


  1. Oh bless her little cotton socks! Kiki is so sweet and I cannot wait to have one of our own
    Love Morwenna xo

  2. that is too cute! my dog like to jump really high in the air and it is very amusing!!! and I loooove the striped boots!

  3. My goodness how darling is that!? She looks so serious too...ears flapping, on a mission! Are you for New Orleans tonight? Anyway, whichever - hope they win!! Lots of love xox Rachel

  4. She is absolutely adorable! I just showed my husband the clip, too. So sweet.

    Have fun watching the Superbowl! I'm making some stew and we're gonna hang out at home to watch.


  5. Loved the video! Kiki is so adorable!

    Happy Sunday to you!

  6. Oh my gosh she is adoreable! Isn't it fun to watch all their tricks?? What a blessing these puppies are!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us 'friends' :-)

  7. What a doll! :) This was adorable!!

  8. Hahaha! She's hard at work there, isn't she. That is too adorable. I just love your furbaby, Kiki. Everytime I see her breed on this particular magazine cover over at PetCo, I think of your doggie. One of these days I'll have one of my own. They're such an elegant looking breed. They're very Victorian to me.


  9. She is so cute. I'm sure she brings you so much unconditional love! :-)

  10. She is soooo cute little cavalier! I have one too! :)

  11. i cried when i heard you giggle.....

    LOVED IT !

    Kiki is so sweet...

    sending warm love to you all....


  12. oh she is so cute and so are your stripped boots!



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