Monday, February 22, 2010

your soul is alive

-eleanora duse

oh yes, my soul is definitely alive!
what a blessing blue skies seem after weeks upon weeks of gray.
add fluffy meringues of cloud, and the sound of the river rushing with melted snow...
and your heart overflows with gratitude and a love for life.
kiki is doing quite well...on the road to recovery.
love to you all...i hope the sky is blue wherever you are.

xoxo country girl 


  1. My skies are not blue today....but your photos lifted me up! Glad to hear Kiki is doing better.

  2. Oh you! how you filled my soul with a bright yellow box, arriving at my door this morning. I don't have an email for you so I thank you here. How is it, you know how to warm my heart so easily?! Swoon@ the pages, and the heart shaped love. You have me all teary eyed. Thank you, sweet friend.
    Waving to Kiki.
    Ps: I was So thinking of you a few days ago, heavily on my mind. Sigh. xo

  3. Yes, we've been having sunshine here as well. An entire week of it and we are fooled that spring is here. My daughter refuses to go outside with a jacket on, and I unless I bribe her with cookies she won't give in to me.
    Glad to hear Kiki is on the mend. Hugs and love to you!

  4. I rejoice, my soul is alive.

    Clear, cold, sky blue day. Inviting a step outside.

    Happy KiKi is better.

    Thanks for the share.....:)

  5. Please send some spring sunshine and bright billowing clouds over here! xoxo

  6. What a wonderful sight - Could you please be so kind and tell the sun to go a bit more north west. I would be very happy, Inge

  7. Hi- I just found you via Maya made. What a pretty space. I am having a book giveaway in honor of I Love Month which a group of bloggers have been doing for February. Would love for you to visit,,,


  8. Oh, that looks wonderful! It's amazing how a bit of blue skies and sunshine can make the heart leap! I'm glad Kiki is doing better!! Love, Silke

  9. Beautiful meringue white clouds oh yes! Doesn't this just make your heart sing?

  10. It's so very hot here at the moment - I feel cooler just looking at these gorgeous snowy images! Leigh

  11. oh, how beautiful. Blessed? I would think so!

  12. awww...what a ray of sunshine! Lovely quote and beautiful photos! xxx

  13. i needed this jolt of positivity today, thank you, dawn!

    roxy and i send many hugs and kisses to you & kiki...i truly think they would have a marvelous time together!

  14. Beautiful photos!



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