Tuesday, February 2, 2010

seeing pink

 i went on a hunt this morning...a hunt for pink.
pink speaks to my inner child.
pink makes me feel playful and positive.
feeling pink is the opposite of feeling blue.
here are a few pink things i captured for your viewing pleasure.
do you feel pink yet?
more pink things soon.....

i'm working on a gift for the secret recipient of my *gift of jewels.*
it's a simple project, but it's making me feel like a kid while i work on it.
cutting out paper hearts, using glitter and glue.
lots of fun.
in between there's grown-up things going on, like looking for a new apartment, grocery shopping, cleaning the toilet, vaccuuming up dog hair.
dog hair loses it's cuteness once it is no longer attached to the dog.
so cutting paper hearts and finding pink things to share with you is my little break from those things; my pink pleasures time of the day.

pink kisses for all of you...

xoxo country girl


  1. your pink makes me smile today - a cloudy day. hope you have a beautiful one.

  2. Isn't it therapeutic to use scissors, glue, glitter...?
    Love your pink posts!

  3. Gorgeous post, Dawn - love the books! :-) Did you like the Hummingbird Bakery one? I was very disappointed in it, but I may be alone! The others are GREAT though! I agree that pink is so cheering - I remember once they did an experiment & painted the inside of some prison cells with it, and the prisoners calmed down a lot! Such a wet day here, but your pink & beautiful post has brightened it - & me- right up! Thanks sweetness xox Rachel

  4. Soooo scrumptious! :o) PINK is my favorite color, always has been ever since I was a wee, tiny little girl I've gravitate to all things pink. Thank you for all the pink splendor...*swoon*...

  5. oooo a new apartment?! Exciting stuff...not feeling pink just yet...but I like the idea of getting crafty...we'll see xxx

  6. love the pink!! and have to agree about the dog hair...i deep cleaned our apartment this weekend and geez, roxy's hair is ridiculous!! you could just put together a whole new dog with all that fur roaming around! ha!

  7. Love pink too, my bedroom is painted the most delicate shade of pink. Casts a romantic rosy glow. Thanks for all your inspiration. Your blog is always a joy.

  8. I'm not a fan of pink... but you're making it look pretty tempting! I love the shirt, by the way. That carfree, hippy/peasant-ish style is one of my favorites. It hides all those sweets in my belly! ;)

  9. lovely post Dawn....and..are you ready..cause i know you are....the cookbooks...yep...you already know....i have the SAME ones....oh, Dawn....are we sisters? are we?

    can't wait for more..you make me HAPPY....

    love you.

  10. pink is such a happy, positive color. What a wonderful post. And I love your February blog header--YUM!

  11. I do love getting crafty! Thanks for the happy post.

  12. Pretty Pink Dawn all over the world in form of this post..how nice.
    Are you getting a new place?
    How exciting...the one built just for you on Linzerstrasse?:)

  13. When I was teaching little tots I discovered that all the children had pink as their favourite colour, until boys discovered they were 'not allowed' too.
    Good luck finding a lovely apartment.

  14. I am loving the pink and loving all your photos. I love that you love being home... just like me! (have I used 'love' too much?)

  15. i feel the pink! these are just gorgeous. pink is just one of my favorites.



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