Tuesday, December 15, 2009

blog party invitation

Join the fun!
On Friday, December 18th, post a blog entry about Christmas joy and what it means to you.
Be sure to visit other participating blogger friends for this Christmas-spirited celebration!
for more details visit the gracious hostesses at scattering lupines or shells & bells, flowers & showers.
(be sure to post an invitation on your blog to invite your readers!)

see you there!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! You're doing a great work with photoshop! Thanks for taking part!

  2. CUTE! What a "fresh twist" you put on the invite! (ha! get it? Fresh TWIST??)

  3. Hi Dear One...you home looks so festive and beautiful this Christmas..just lovely...

    how did the cookie making go? looks like fun..and the hat is adorable. I tried some crotchet last fall...will pick it up again after the first of the year....

    How do you do all that on your blog...is it photoshop? I am not even sure what that is....

    i've got some learnin' to do.....

    got to make some cookies for Buddy's vet later this week....

    just staying home being cozy today...

    I'll be back tomorrow....

    Love You !
    Kary and Buddy
    p.s. the Christmas Party looks like fun..I told Courtney over at Scattering Lupines about the blog Hot Toast and Jam...one of my favorite blogs...He had a Christmas Tea December 1st and we had a ball...let me know if you have seen him...


  4. Hey Dawn! I responded a little late to your email, but send me your address when you get a chance!

    email to scatteringlupinesblog@gmail.com

    :) The Gingerbread sounds SO good...



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