Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Bakery!


I've been busy as a Christmas elf making gingerbread cookies in

I used this Betty Crocker recipe, substituting 1/2 cup of golden syrup for a 1/2 cup of molasses. My dear friend Morwenna brought me a beautiful can of golden syrup all the way from Hampshire! The gingerbread comes out of the oven filling your entire home with a deliciously spicy fragrance. Wonderful!

Once the gingerbread cookies had cooled, I mixed up a batch of Susan Branch's Royal Icing. Recipe: 1 large egg white at room temperature, whipped for 10 minutes together with 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Refrigerate for about 15 minutes before using. This icing hardens when it cools, making it very practical for cookies you want to pack in boxes or hang on the tree.

I love to add sparkle and elegance to my Christmas cookies with these nonpareilles, shiny sugar pearls waiting to be sprinkled over fresh icing.

Look what a difference icing and pearls make for these cookies! It was a joy decorating them. The sweet gingerbread scent was heavy as I swirled, dotted, and striped my hearts, stars, and men.

I made sure to poke holes in the cookies I wanted to hang from our Christmas tree before baking them. Once the icing was dry I pushed golden thread through the holes and hung them delicately all around the tree. I love how they old-fashioned!

The remaining cookies were placed on plates or put into little baggies tied with ribbon for gifts.
It was a gingerbread adventure!

For me, Christmas is a time where I let my creativity flow through baking and decorating. I love to peruse magazines and blogs for inspiration. Here are a few pictures of desserts and displays which I find beautiful and inspiring:

So many glorious tempations. So sparkly, playful, and elegant! What makes your mouth water, I wonder?

Below you see a gorgeous cake which was featured in the magazine Southern Living.

Would you like the recipe? Me too.
You can find it right here!

With all of this sweet endulgence, you need something to wash it all down. Here, cook up a big pot of this for you and your loved ones. Not only does it taste wonderful, but it will fill your home with the fragrance of the winter season, courtesy of the spectacular Susan Branch:

You can read her heart-warming words about honoring your inner child this holiday season here.

illustrations by susan branch

I hope you've enjoyed your little visit here to May All Seasons Be Sweet To Thee! This place has become a second home for me, where I meet lovely people and share heartaches and happiness.
Christmas is so much fun when you remember to experience it through joyful childlike eyes, and to spread that joy around everywhere you go.

And look; it snowed all night and we awoke to a magnificent winter wonderland!

Enjoy the party, and come again soon!

xoxoxo country girl


  1. Just popped in for the Christmas Party & so glad I did. Your blog is SO pretty...& you have been SO busy!! wow ...Those gingerbread cookies & ornaments are lovely! Thank you for your hospitality here today! :)

  2. Wow! I love the cookies! How long can they last on the tree though without going stale? You definitely have a talent there and the effort you've put in is amazing! Awwww and I bet kiki is loving the snow! Happy Christmas party lovely! xxx

  3. Hey Curious Cat!
    The cookies which are hanging on the tree are pretty much jsut for looks and fragrance. We don't eat those.
    For the ones you want to eat, I suggest putting them in a cookie jar/tin with a slice of apple...this will keep them moist!
    Thank you for stopping by!

  4. oh what a lovely Christmas party-thank you for hosting it! and i didn't even have to get out of my jammies!
    look at all those beautiful cookies, you really are a creative soul!
    i told my readers to come on over here and drop in on your party- it's just lovely!
    thanks again country girl!

  5. Oh, I had SO much fun!

    I love the pearls idea... AND hanging them on the tree! Doyou cook those longer to make them harder than the rest or just hang them until you're ready to eat them off?

    Gosh, those cookies are like little works of art.

    One more question: are you using photoshop? I love what you're doing here at May All the Seasons Be Sweet to THee! VERY inspiring.

    Had fun! Thanks for inviting me! Let me know if I left anything behind ;)

  6. Hi lovely! Thanks for the cookies! Mmmmmm! Really tasty. I love this post: the pictures, the words, the festive air, everything!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  7. those cookies look absolutely divine :) and the cider sounds delish!! i'm gonna have to try that!

  8. What a beautiful post!! From your gorgeous banner to the cookies the cake and the decorated's all beautiful.

    The gingerbread (one of my favourites!) looks awesome and while I'd be eating many (!) I think they also make fabulous decorations for the tree and for gifts.

    Wishing you a most blessed Christmas!

  9. They look BEAUTIFUL! You did such a great job! It is a big undertaking, right? And you did it with a creative flourish!

    They look great next to your tree. My brother & his wife sent us a holiday wreath. I was so excited because we haven't done a tree due to going back east. So at least I smell pine while walking through my door!

    Merry Christmas!


  10. Thank you for visiting my blog for the Christmas party. Your lovely Christmas baking looks divine.
    Lucy xx

  11. what patience to do all those lovely icings! It looks grand!

    Isn't your dog going to be eating up the Christmas decorations? I know that with my Gipsy, the three would be lying horizontal, with a munching and chewing (and sick after a few too many) the gingerbread!

    Have a lovely Christmas


  12. What a beautiful blog you have. Truly lovely to look at. My mouth is watering! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm really glad to have found yours and am looking forward to reading more about your life, including that adorable little doggie!

  13. sweetheart, this is such a gorgeous post. i have enjoyed myself, so much.
    i adore coming here, i really do.
    and happy holidays, my friend.

  14. Hello there again!
    I got your Christmas card last night and what a wonderful treasure you sent me. Thanks for putting so much thought in it and you're welcome in what you say.
    We'll talk again soon!
    Take care!

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