Sunday, December 20, 2009

this quiet village

Winter has begun, settling white and silent over this small village. How can something so transforming be so quiet? Benches are empty; summer games have been covered in a fine layer of snowflakes; roads are powdered and winding. I feel if I could stand still enough, I could hear the sounds of people in their homes, preparing food, speaking in low voices, hearth fires crackling, footsteps up old stairs. Everything grows so silent and rested now. Even when there are many things to do, gifts to wrap and cookies to bake, there is a certain ease now glowing within. We remember Christmases past, old friends, and happy moments of the year. We have generous hearts and creative minds. We drive carefully, slowly, down snowy roads, and returning home means putting the pot on for tea and changing into dry, thick socks. I love this time of year. As I love every time of year. And I feel so lucky to live in a place where we have the seasons in all intensity. I have never felt so connected with nature and her rhythm, her cycles, as now. 
Wishing you warmth and a tender, quiet heart this wintery day...
and thanking you all for your kind notes on the previous post...


  1. How lovely, Dawn. You perfectly evoke that 'hunkering down for Winter' feeling that I love so much! What a beautiful place to live in and watch the world turn...xo

  2. Hello Country Girl

    I am writing from a country of 120 million people. This country and the city i live is so much crowded that you can't even imagine.

    These days we have only people and buildings in our city that we can't even get the chance to feel that we have a nature surrounding us. We do not have trees that much so we can not feel the seasonal change any more.

    Each day seems same to me...........

    But when i feel so bad i come to your blog.
    It makes me feel good and gives me a touch of fresh air.

    You are soooo...lucky to be in such a nice place with such a nice nature.

    Wishing you a very happy Christmas.

    Take care
    From Bangladesh

  3. Dawn, I don't know where to start. First, I got your lovely Christmas card.It was the photograph..and little Kiki too....and the sentiment tucked inside. I have both the card and the wish for luck in my kitchen window..and to think it made it halfway around the world to my little window..and you have been busy..the cookie post is amazing..i LOVE your cookies and decorations...just beautiful..I bet your house smells so Christmasy..and then the WINTER post. How beautifully written.

    This blogworld has opened up my world in ways I could never have imagined...and meeting so many wonderful people that have become good friends... like you...looking forward to next year..

    Stay warm and cozy, my friend...

    I'll be back before Christmas..enjoy this blessed week before..

    Sending Christmas Love,
    Kary and Buddy

  4. wow change people's world by blogging...bringing rays of joy into people's lives.
    I love you!
    Because you are.
    Thank you for having me as

  5. Lovely pics! They "look so quiet" that you could almost hear a pin drop. I can see you are very much enjoying the white winter wonderland right outside your window!

  6. Wonderful is a quiet time...and it will suit the is a lovely season in someways...just I can't see it that way today...maybe tomorrow xxx

  7. I love this time of year too. Thank you for giving me this stillness, in your photos. Bliss~



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