Monday, December 7, 2009

New England B and Bs in Winter Dress!

Snow, icicles, balsam wreaths and red bows; quaint towns dressed in their finest holiday garb; white buildings with firelight glowing through their shutter-sided windows....Christmas time in New England! Here, for your viewing and day-dreaming pleasure:

I could dream for hours about having a cozy winter weekend tucked into one of these. Maybe one day the dream will come true!

These fashion dreams are admittedly easier to accomplish than an expensive trip to New England; handmade shoes, gloves, and frills from to make you, a friend, or a little one look your best this winter:

clockwise from the top left: 
1. iveta67  /2. deniz03  /3. KarlenKnits  /4. artlab  /5. dollyknits  /6. elizandaxel

Wishing you all a pleasant start to the week, and time to take pleasure in the simple and precious joys of the holiday season,
xo country girl


  1. They are like something out of a dream....a winter fairy tale! Too good to be I wish! :) xxx

  2. I love the comfy cozy appeal of one of these Inns. I've seen the Inn at Woodstock, VT (in the summer season), and it's very beautiful.
    My favorite is the Marble West Inn. I'd love to live in it! Do you live in Austria or US?

  3. I would love to live in it, too! I live in Austria, but was born and raised in Northern California. Strangely, I am homesick for New England, even though I've never lived there! Visited Cape Cod this fall, was amazing. See blog entries about it in the October archives.

  4. I LOVE New England. Mostly because I have ties to the Canadian Atlantic Provinces, known as The Maritimes. New England and the Maritimes are neighbours and it's very common for people of both sides of the border to go back and forth.
    Those country inns in Vermont are just stunning. We can all dream can't we?

  5. Johanna, my friend Morwenna was telling me yesterday about the Scilly Islands off of England yesterday: They have their own micro-climate and sound really gorgeous, and it amazed me how very little I know about the beautiful places in the world. Thank you for telling me about The Maritimes, I would love to know more!

  6. Two things -

    1. I love your wintry, snowy set this time! In California, we don't get the snow, so I am getting it from your blog! We head back east for Christmas though... can't wait to feel the REAL chill!

    2. Inspired by your beautiful pictures, I poked around on etsy and have done lots of Christmas shopping! And got a little photo called "Nerd Love" from Joanna Wright for John. It is precious. Also a little bird patch for a pair of my jeans. Sounds like I did the shopping for me! But no, I found a few things for others as well! :)

    Have fun with Morwenna tomorrow!
    Organic Spark

  7. Dawn..these cozy inns...what is the deal...born and raised in california and i DREAM about being in new england..those pictures sent me to the moon.....

    I have been to woodstock..what a darling town...when julie and i went and visited sharon in maine we hit the road for 14 days traveling all over new of the highlights was staying in Grafton vermont at the Ol could look it up on the internet...the town is darling..that's where my farmhouse kitchen came from. we saw this farmhouse on a river in grafton, vermont..woodsmoke curling was late october..and we fell hard for it..on my birthday julie did a watercolor of it for me...cried when i opened that one....
    last night at sharons party my friend ginny was there from montecito..she used to own the Castine Inn in Castine , maine..julie and i stayed there..upstairs in my bedroom by my woodstove is a lady's rocker i got from sharon that used to be in the castine inn...

    oh, i could go on and on.....

    have fun with morwenna... tell her i said HI...from california..we have become good friends too...wish i was with you...

    more later,
    kary and buddy

  8. I adore B&B's, and since I'm a New England girl, I get to visit a lot of them. These all look perfect!



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