Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dream Home nr 14 and Vintage Ornaments

Perfect time of year to show this beautiful domicile, complete with a Christmas wreath! I have always loved this look, a mix of stone and wood. I would pay money to see what it looks like inside. I image a wide-open kitchen and living room, complete with a huge stone fireplace and mantle decorated beautifully for the season. Is the white wooden part a guest house? I'd like to think it is. A whole family could come and visit for the holidays, gathering around the huge brightly-lit christmas tree, then go ice-skating on the frozen lake out back. Yes, let's pretend there's a frozen lake out back! And in spring, I am sure there are colorful tulips growing along that picket fence.

Onto Christmas matters: I've compiled a selection of very pretty vintage ornaments which I found on It must be wonderful to have decorations in your home which have been delighting families for years. I am eager to begin a collection of vintage ornaments for my family to enjoy. 

1. slvilov/2. RobertaGrove/3. sassboxclassics/4. hopeandjoy/5. TraceyAdams/6.VintagefromCrystal/7. UptownVintage/8. RobertaGrove

In closing, I wanted to show you this adorable doggy sweater from etsy's BeanTownHandmade. I've been back and forth about it for days now. One part of me thinks, "Don't become one of those people who puts their dog in a sweater!" The other part of me thinks, "But Kiki would look so unbelievably sweet in that sweater!" 

So, what's the you think dogs in sweaters are ridiculous or endearing?

Morwenna and her fiancè are making the journey all the way from Hampshire, UK, to visit us tomorrow here in Austria. I am so excited! We'll have to take a few photos for you all to see. 

Hope you are in enjoying your Saturday, thanks as always for stopping by!

xo country girl


  1. Hi Country Girl: So happy you stopped by my blog. Yes, we do have some good things in common. I also like Susan Branch - she's great! I will be stopping by your blog again real soon. Merry weekend! :)

  2. Have so much fun! What a treat! Can't wait for pictures.

    And as for the sweater. She would look so unbelievable sweet. I agree. I think the sweetness would trump any preconceived doggie sweater stereotypes!

    And if you do get it, can't wait to see the pic of that either!

    Happy December!

    Organic Spark

  3. We certainly are, see you tomorrow! By the way, Kiki would look adorable in the jumper...take the leap and buy her one for Christmas xoxo

  4. Dogs in sweaters usually look very uncomfortable and irritated to me :)

    So, I think they look endearing as long as they look like they are enjoying the sweater!

  5. Hi Country Girl, LOVE the story about Susan Branch...maybe I'll have to purchase one of her books!
    Oh and I added you to my favourite blogs roll!
    Hope your weekend is grand! xox

  6. I vote "no" on the sweater. I think coats for protection are good (KiKi in hers is too cute) and even something to protect their feet from the snow and ice. But, I don't like the clothes. Coach has coats for dogs, but I think the more rustic look like from L.L. Bean is cuter on dogs. I love KiKi's coat.

    Just my two cents!

    Your town looks like it is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas.

    Happy Holidays,

  7. I agree with having protection for her paws...and vote YES on a sweater too. Maybe I can make one:). I just made myself a hat, will send pics.



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