Wednesday, December 2, 2009

homemaking, vintage aprons, and betty crocker

I have my aprons hanging from a hook, and when I reach for one and tie it on, I feel connected to the women throughout the ages who kept their families fed and did their best to keep things creative and nourishing while doing so. I think about all the things which have been kneaded, rolled out, and mixed with a wooden spoon over the centuries. How some things have changed, and some have stayed exactly the same. After all, recipe which tasted good 100 years ago will still tastes good now. 
I know many admirable people worked hard to give women the opportunity to get out of the kitchen; they fought for equality in education and career. And still, I am glad that the job of homemaker was never fully destroyed, because it is the one I chose, and the one I enjoy very much. And isn't that what equality really means? Being able to choose?  
As far as society and the general public is concerned, homemaking is a relatively thankless and underestimated job. I like to think back on something dear Gladys Taber wrote:

"Food is our responsibility, our charge. Think of the women all over the world, quietly and faithfully carrying on their burdens. No trumpets blowing for them, perhaps, but the sound of the kettle steaming cozily." 

If you are a homemaker, like I am, I hope you will remember that all the approval you need in this world is your own, and God's. I hope you have a family who appreciates the endless chain of work and duties you carry out, and who compliments your decorative, creative touch. Who swoon over your cooking and boast about your baking. Who take the time to, once in a while, thank you for all the small things you pay attention to, like keeping a vase filled with fresh flowers on the table, remembering people's birthdays, keeping paperwork organized and neat, and making sure to have their favorite foods and drinks well-stocked. 

And while you are keeping your house warm, cozy, and filled with the fragrance of home cooking, why not look FABulous in the process? I think these vintage aprons are beautiful. 

1. shirly 2. kirbyvintage 3. hausmittel 4. melindas 1957 5. HazeyJaneVintage 6. TheLovelys

find them all on

Any one of these would make a fabulous gift for a fellow homemaker, especially if paired with this cookook! Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book is so much fun...a reprint of the vintage original. 
Not only does it have loads of old-fashioned recipes....
"A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." -Tenneva Jordan

...but it also has lots of sweet little illustrations...

....and the most adorable homekeeping tips. These always make me smile.

So, tie on an apron and get busy in the kitchen....and be sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor yourself! You deserve them! Here, a little something to make your mouth water and put a smile on your face:

"When I go to Heaven, I am not going to put on golden shoes or play on my harp. No, I am going to eat all the hot bread and potatoes I want. Cinnamon rolls, pinwheel biscuits, nut muffins, French-fried potatoes, baked potatoes, creamy mashed potatoes. Butter will go well, too. And fresh made jam. Or clear amber honey." -Gladys Taber

Let's not wait to get to Heaven...let's enjoy these things now! 
XO country girl


  1. Cute post! I started a little collection of aprons when we got married. I LOVE aprons! I have been searching for some time now for the perfect apron hook to display them, since, sadly, I cannot wear them all at once :(

  2. ooh la la, i love all this vintage kitchen stuff. makes me want to get in the kitchen and make chocolate pudding pie. in fact.. i think i have all the ingredients..


  3. What a gorgeous post, Dawn! It's made me remember that my grandma had that Betty Crocker book and I used to adore looking at the highly coloured pictures of lamb chops with little frilly paper trims & enormous cakes! I think I have it somewhere upstairs, must look it out! Gorgeous Gladys Taber too, am rereading Stillmeadow Sampler & every line is a quote! xox

  4. Oh dear, Dawn...I am sure we must be related..are we sisters and didn't know it?

    I too stay at outside job...I am lucky..and I know it..I just want to be Home...Cooking and baking and decorating and gardening and walking Buddy and reading cookbooks....

    I LOVE Gladys FAVORITE !
    I have a nice size collection of vintage aprons..Christmas ones and otherwise..

    and I have an old copy of Betty Crocker..I will sit and go through all the recipes..loving the illustrations...sometimes..the weather will hit me just right..maybe the way the wind blows on a cool spring day..and I say to myself..I am in a Betty Crocker mood...and out she comes....and it's meatloaf night with snickerdoodles for

    More later,
    kary and buddy

  5. I spend a lot of time in my home, and my husband carries more of the financial weight than I. I used to be insecure about this, but as the days have gone by... I see us get happier and healthier. And THAT is the BEST! I have made a commitment to myself that even as I pursue my external dreams that I have, I will continue to keep the home fires burning in some capacity. And make sure that my choices enable that to happen. It is too important! And I just love it too much.

    Thanks for being a ray of support, like always! You embrace femininity in such a beautiful way, and it feels like a safe-haven for those of us who see that as vitally important to the health of our little home called Earth!

    Till next time...
    Organic Spark

  6. Here here!!! I am totally with you and behind you on this one! I wrote about this exact thing a little while ago...see here: and I picked up on the aspect of having choice. It is very very true!

    By the way - a chocolate penguin is two thin chocolate biscuits sandwiches together with a layer of chocolate and then covered in chocolate...yummmmm! And thanks for letting me know Kiki's breed. Problem is, like I said, I had planned on a pug and a I'll have to get a pug, a cat and a sister Kiki! And then if I live with my boyf he'll want a jack may ending up being quite a zoo! xxx

  7. I adore aprons! I currnetly have four, one of which is a vintage half apron from the 1950's that is utterly darling...think I may tie it on just to make a cup of tea! xo



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