Sunday, December 13, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” -Robert Brault

I'm telling myself again and again now: Enjoy the little things. Take note of the splashes of beauty that surround you. Breath. Thank your heart for beating unfailingly and without effort. Thank God that you have this warm home and these caring people in your life. Thank God for making optimism your true nature, and planting within you the seed of FAITH.

We awoke to snow flakes falling yesterday and I cooked up a big, hearty breakfast. We were gathering our strength for the mission ahead: Mission Christmas Tree. The lot is a five minute walk away from our home. Ten minutes when your husband is carrying a humongous evergreen. Our tree was hidden, and perfect. Tall, just bushy enough, with even branches. Yes. This was our fella!

theres our fella::pay the nice guy in the funny hat::get ready for the way home::satisfied customer

my hubby=my christmas hero

get the netting off::stand back and admire::string up the lights::get out the ornaments

he's feeling at home, our happy christmas tree

an austrian tradition: chocolates filled with sweet liquor wrapped in bright foil to hang from the boughs

newest addition to the ornament collection: a cavalier king charles spaniel, hand painted, purchased during our autumn trip to falmouth, cape cod

used the trimmings of the tree to pretty-up this candle display; the place smells gorgeous now

there he stands, beautifully decked, proud and pretty, our cheerful christmas tree.

There is hope and beauty and goodness to be found, often in the simplest places. And what a surprise it has been to receive so much love and support from this community! 
You know, when I got pregnant, I thought I should keep it to myself for a while. But when I miscarried, and began sharing this difficult time with you all, I realized I was wrong...THIS, of all places, is where I can open my heart and speak my truth. With you. And that is amazing, and precious, and so completely unexpected. This place has become so very very tender and special for me. Thank you all so much. 
A warm hug for you all on this snowy Sunday....I'm hoping to spend it making gingerbread cookies.


  1. christmas is coming! this post gave me a warm cozy feeling. i think you got the best looks perfect and your decorating touches are lovely!
    happy sunday...sit back and enjoy your twinkly lights!

  2. Your kinds words made my eyes fill with tears..I did this happen...finding such a loving and supportive community of friends this year...where did this come unexpected..and so truely has changed my life too....for the better... tree is just beautiful..and your sweet husband...carrying it along the roadside....and I love the photo with sweet little Kiki laying there by the tree...what a precious little girl.....

    off to make tea bread...

    Love you !

    Kary and Buddy

  3. Oooh. Love your hallway and living room! That must be a TALL tree seeing that even your tall hubby has to reach so high to the top!

    So glad to hear you're feeling a little better this day, this moment.

    And I love hearing about the little chocolate ornaments. What a neat tradition!

  4. oh your tree is just beautiful country girl! and so is your home. merry christmas tidings.

  5. Such a sweet post. I like all the little touches like my hubby = my christmas hero and the little kiki ornament! I'm glad you have found support and kindness through blogging and I am glad you have shared... I have been low and sharing has helped in its little way...which is better than nothing...they should bottle the stuff so I can inject it regularly the way I feel at the mo though! :( Oh well...loving your christmas tree truly! xxx

  6. Hey sweetie! Love your Christmas tree!
    I share your sentiments about the blogging community. Although I haven't been visiting friends a lot lately, supportive, sweet comments come in every day.
    PS. stay tuned; Lupines and I are organising a Christmas party!

  7. I think this might be the prettiest Christmas Tree I have ever seen!

  8. a hug for your hubby! what a gorgeous tree.
    thank you for sharing such a sweet and tender post.



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