Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is for Children

Christmas is for children!

Preparations begin early. 
First, you need to write to the Big Man, Mr. Important, the Boss Man Himself: Santa Claus!

Cookies must be rolled out, cut, baked, and decorated.

There's cranberries and popcorn that need stringin' so they can swirl up the tree!

Gingerbread houses are mandatory. The more gumdrops, the merrier. Building a house never tasted so good.

Stockings should be hung with care. Preferably big ones, so more loot can fit in.

Loads of fun things to watch on t.v. now. Like your good old classic, Charlie Brown.

And before bed-time, mom, dad, big sister or big brother read you Christmas stories.

When you sleep, you dream of a great big doll house...

....or a fancy, shiny new train set, winding its way around the Christmas tree!

Visions of angels and sugarplums dance in your head.

Remember to set out milk and cookies for Santa. It's his busiest night and he needs refreshments.

*whispered* do you hear something............
............up on the roof.............

Now presents are piled prettily in the glow of the Christmas tree.

Yes, Christmas is for children.
And for the child in YOU!

Enjoy your inner child this day. 
Hugging you warmly,
still-just-a-kid-when-it-comes-to-christmas country girl


  1. hit it spot on...oh expect for me, as a child, there was the baby jesus element is such a lovely time of year! And...I want that gingerbread house!!!! xxx

  2. this makes me feel all warm and cuddly!! thanks for helping me get in the spirit...LOVE that little letter "how tall is the average elf?" ha!! so cute :)

  3. Yep, I think you covered it all! Such a cute post. And thanks for the Lemon Curd recipe link! I printed it to try :)

  4. I am laughing...I have all 3 of those cookbooks.....what's going on?

    LOVED darling....

    we're twins..i know we are..

    more later dear one...
    kary and buddy




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