Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh, So Many Pretty Things!

a few favorite gifts from thoughtful and generous folks...

Grateful for all things, big and small!

first image, clockwise from top left:
1. cath kidston soap, handcream, and book from morwenna 2. bogner bag from hubby 3. olympus camera from hubby 4. hand embroidered vintage table cloth from granma 5. bird house ornament from maria

second image, clockwise from top left:
1. vintage hand-painted candy dish from granma 2. ascaso espresso machine from hubby 3. napkin from and handmade by ose 4. christmas apron from morwenna 5. pretty pink top from mother-in-law

what a lucky girl i am.
to see images of christmas day, see post below.
it was lovely.
i know our angel baby was with us in spirit.

we're hopping on the train tomorrow, off to germany to spend new year's eve with my father and his family. lots of washing, cleaning, and packing before the trip.
the train journey between vienna and frankfurt is beautiful.
you sit in your little cozy compartment, looking out the huge window as the train cuts through fields, forests, tunnels...and there are houses and farms and rivers on either wonder about the people living there as you pass by, and the world seems so big and pretty and peaceful.
....i do have a little thank-you gift for all of you....'ll have to tune in tomorrow for that...
xo country girl


  1. Hey sweetie! Looks like your new camera is doing a great job! The gifts you received look wonderful but you're giving people the greatest gift of all: love and joy!
    Enjoy your trip! I love travelling by train.
    (no link here; I'm using hubby's laptop)

  2. oh dawn...such pretty things indeed!
    sounds like a dream...traveling through the country by train...sigh! {i'm afraid it's far less dreamy to travel here in canada...}

    your heart & soul hold your baby angel...and i'm so happy you felt your sweet babe with you in spirit! {hugs for you & some tears too}

    have a safe journey

  3. Turning GREEN! Love the camera. Can't wait to see all that you do with it!



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