Thursday, December 17, 2009

In-All-Honesty Christmas List

Christmas is about love. About light, friendship, family, celebrations and gatherings. It's also about gifts. And while I have been busy finding gifts for those I love, I also let my mind wander into fantasy land, and thought, What does my Christmas wish list look like? And here it is, my list of lists; things I LOVE. Just for the fun of it. :)

1. retro bicycle::chubby's one stop cruiser 2. handmade linen flowers::emersonmade 3. priscilla ahn::Good Day 4. stand mixer::Kitchenaid 5. day planner::momAgenda 6. acorn necklace::CeriseUK 7. cupcake tower::Martha Stewart 8. maran chickens 9. maple candy::maple grove farms 10. espresso machine::ascaso dream 

What's on your dream Christmas wish list?


  1. Awww like those...Hmmm....mine would be to mend my heart and somehow keep my boyf in my life in a positive way yet still moving on...sad isn't it?! But is love... Oh well...for more material goods I'd go for...a vintage swimsuit...a new winter coat (ex is getting that for me though I think) and a pug or a kiki! And a few good books to read...I have quite a lot already...well...actually, I'd make my rented acommodation warmer and cosier too! :) xxx

  2. Well, if we're going all out - I'd love a trip to Paris and London! If I have to bring myself back to reality, I'd say a new oven. It's been difficult baking this December with an oven that only wants to work sometimes. And I love to bake!
    Merry Merry!!! :)

  3. I got my Christmas Miracle when Buddy stopped coughing....Material-wise...probably books...

    and someday a new camera..but I'm not ready yet..still confused with the point and shoot that I have.

    John is building me a little shed roof over our doors out to the I can grow a vine on it and make the Farmhouse more cozy...what a saint...he used to build houses and he said houses were easier than this roof...O boy.....

    Happy one week to Christmas Eve...

    Kary and Buddy

  4. I would love a Kitchenaid too. x



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