Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new hat from folksy

This came in the mail yesterday. Handmade and very cute; cheers up any outfit. And I need cheering today. This and many other crocheted items can be found at the Hats and More shop on folksy which is the UK version of etsy
Now I am going to tackle the gingerbread dough and try to forget about this emptiness and frustration. How I wish things had turned out differently.............how I wish I was carrying my baby inside of me this Christmas. Hmmmm....let's hope rolling out cookie dough proves therapeutic.
XO love you all.


  1. Love your hat! I like looking at women wearing hats but for some reason they don't look good on me.
    You're beautiful, my friend! I feel for you and think about you every single day. (i'm just not good with words)

  2. so cute! and yes, very cheery :)

  3. i think of you everday since i fell upon your blog. i hope it brings you comfort to know that many people are thinking of you and praying for you....
    i hope you enjoy your christmas cookie day with kiki by your side. there were lots of tears cried into my pup's fur when i was struggling the most with my loss....they seem to understand; so snuggle her up if you need a hug!
    warm thoughts sent your way...may you find some peace today!

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