Saturday, January 30, 2010

about them milk bottles...

quite a few of you mentioned loving the idea of 'brown glass bottles of organic milk wrapped in newspaper waiting at my door every thursday' when it was mentioned in my 'simple things' list.
one of you even remarked: "where do you live?!"
i had to smile a that one.
every thursday, there are two green crates waiting at my door.
one holds six bottles of raw organic milk, fresh from the udder some might say.

as soon as i bring that milk inside i open a bottle and pour a glass.
the first glass always has a bit of thick cream and foam on top.
how does it taste?
like pure delicous liquid health.

in the second crate there are fresh organic fruits and vegetables.
and every sixth week a big bottle of eco-friendly dishsoap.
it's always fun to see what they've brought me.
this thursday there was a rosy mango. score.
no, it wasn't grown in austria.
but it was grown organically. and i think once in a while a treat from far away is ok.
i know the taste of mango in the heart of winter gives me a little ray of sunshine.

there are services like this available all around the world, just go online and check it out.
hopefully you will find a local farm or two who offer delivery service to your area.
i would put 'weekly organic delivery' and the name of your area in the search engine and see what comes up. my girlfriend who lives in brooklyn ny told me about this, so if you live in the city there's still hope!

last fall the farm which grows my food held a harvest fair.
it was so great to see where my vegetables and fruits come from.
there were apple trees everywhere and chickens running free.
long rows of tented gardens, tomato plants with red and golden jewels hanging in clusters.
pink and green chard; lettuce heads with their green ruffles; bright orange pumpkins piled high.
the smell of good soil and hay.

do yourself a big favor and find out if you can get local organic goods delivered to your home.
it's such an enrichment.
it introduced me to things like fennel bulbs and sweet parsnips; celeriac and turnips.

look at that, january is almost over!
it's amazing how this community makes every season beautiful with loving comments and brilliant photography; handmade finds and inspiring ideas.
i know february will be GREAT with all of you here with me.

xoxo country girl


  1. How wonderful! My husband grew up on a dairy farm and misses the milk. There is an organic Dairy about an hour from my home. I should make the effort. I grow my own organic vegetables and I an able to freeze much of the produce to use over the winter. We have lived on the farm for nearly 20 years and we have never used chemicals, so we know the soil is free of what had been used when it was a working farm. I was one of those that appreciated the milk bottles, it brought back a fond old memory.

  2. oh, will definitely google that. Thanks for all the info!

    I mentioned you in our house (or yard rather) last night! It started snowing here yesterday evening and at about 11pm Husband and Khan and I were outside playing in it :)

    I said, "Dawn in Austria would be so happy to know we got our January snow!"

  3. love that this service is becoming more and more available...hooray for farmers!

  4. Lovely! My dad's grandfather used to deliver milk from their dairy farm to people around town, using horse-drawn wagon. How wonderful an image that is for me. I have one of the old milk bottles from his dairy, and it's a treasured posession.

    There aren't a lot of CSA-type deliveries around here, but there are a lot of local farms and farmers markets. I've found that shopping around is just a blast, it's entertainment as well as shopping. I never dread going to the farmer's market like I dread going to the grocery store.

  5. that sounds so wonderful!! thanks for the tip, i'm going to search that now :)

  6. that's just splendid! congrats on living such a healthy eco-friendly life :)

  7. dawn....loved this...i try to shop as much as i can at the farmers markets here...i am really lucky..cause every day of the some surrounding community..there is a little market...i'll start posting pictures of it...

    your milk in those bottles is wonderful....

    and YES ! February will be wonderful with all us girls....

    i forgot to put in the link for My Kindred Spirit on my blog..arrgg woke up in the middle of the night and knew i forgot...but it's up now....

    have a lovely Saturday, my friend

    love you
    kary and buddy

  8. This sounds absolutely wonderful! Unfortunately, it's not available where we live...but I'll keep checking, 'ya never know :)

  9. My mum gets an organic box delivered to her - I will one day when i am more settled...we also grow our own bits and pieces where we can xxx PS I LOVE MILK!

  10. I had raw cow's milk as a child... my mom tricked me into drinking it fresh from my Grandma's cows... Yuck!!! Sorry, I like the pasturized formula! My husband is an avid gardner--loves to grow his veggies. Within a few months, he'll be planning out his garden. (I do the flowers!)



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