Monday, January 4, 2010

coming back home

It's wonderful to be back with the community I have grown to love so much. In the time I spent away, in Frankfurt and Chiemsee, I shot over 400 photographs with my new camera. Needless to say, choosing which to share with you is an overwhelming task. I've decided to take it slow, with a few a day. One of my favorites is the photo you see above, of a shed in the snow. It snowed on the first day of the new year and we awoke to a world of white. It was such a beautiful metaphor: a clean slate, a new beginning.
The time spent with my husband, dog, and family was precious. Mostly we ate, talked, and played cards. We took a few walks in the beautiful German countryside where we had rented a nice apartment in a renovated old farmhouse which has been in the same family for over 300 years. There were miles of fields, woods, and mountains surrounding us. Pure beauty.

And now we're back home. Home, sweet sweet home.
As much as I loved our trip, there is something about HOME that just makes me feel happy to be alive.
All the little things I love that suround me here; the wooden chicken, the hand-painted butter dish, the little white pumpkins on the window sil.
The kitchen, oooohhhh the kitchen. Silver espresso machine, wooden egg cupboard, old copper jelly molds.
Our bed with the pillows just the way I like them.
The smell....doesn't everyone's home smell different? Ours smells a bit like vanilla.
We got home last night, ordered pizza (the fridge was so empty it echoed), and plopped into our oversized white sofa chairs. The familiar sound of the water boiler turning on and off. The Christmas tree twinkling. The clock ticking on the wall.
Sights and sounds of HOME.
And you are all a part of my home.
More to I need to fill that fridge and buy fresh flowers.
I can't tell you how excited I am about this new year and spending it with all of you...................

xo country girl


  1. Yea Country Girl! Welcome back! If the rest of your photos are anything like the first two... we are in for a real treat this year!

    Organic Spark

  2. Welcome home, darling Dawn! So glad you sound happy, refreshed and ready for all the wonderful things this New Year has in store for you. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Lots of love, Rachel xo

  3. welcome home!! glad you are back and happy to read more of your adventures :)

  4. lovely shots... im not sure i could have chosen just two out of 400 possible ones! look forward to more.

  5. i know the feeling- there's nothing like home. i love your new header- very sweet indeed.

  6. hOMe
    OM, the Siddha Yoga message for this year.
    OM, the sound of eternity, at the center of our word of hOMe.
    No wonder, that what we call home feels so close to OM.That the sound OM feels like home.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and beginning of a decade my Sunshine Country girl.
    Lets check in soon for updates.
    Thank you for your precious uplifting blog.
    I LOVE to come here and receive your light and inspiration.

  7. Welcome home Dawn, I look forward to a peek at your new photographs.

    Thanks for sending your blog address-my Jeff had found one of your postings and he transferred it to my blog roll.

    Happy new year to you and Ramon and Kiki.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  8. Yay so glad you are home, have missed you :) Beautiful new header and photos, looking forward to seeing more
    Love Morwenna

  9. ah...your enthusiasm is infectious! And I'm loving the photos - especially that barn - 400 though! You are making great use of the gift aren't you?! I love the whole description here...feel like I'm right there with you! Happy New Year sweetie! xxx

  10. My sweet I missed you so much..

    so glad you're back HOME. Isn't HOME just the BEST PLACE ON EARTH..

    Love your new header with that precious Kiki...what a doll....

    Love your photographs..can't wait to see more...Looks like you had a lovely peaceful New Year....

    Looking forward to spending this bright, new year with you...dear are such a DELIGHT in my life.....

    Love You,
    Kary and Buddy



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