Monday, January 4, 2010

a tiny magical island

we spent the last day of 2009 on this tiny island in the bavarian lake chiemsee.
it was magical.

tranquil and mysterious.
distant mountains swathed in mist.
no cars, just boats.
a benedictine nunnery built in 782 where nuns live and practice today, and make their famous kloster liquor.
a gravestone with the beautiful name apollonia...who was she? what was her life like on the island? i only know she lived in the 1800s.
sea birds dipping in the air and gliding over calm waters. ducks picking around frosty gardens. there were foxgloves and dahlias here in summer. I can see their frozen stalks against weathered picket fences.
we warmed ourselves with rich food and looked at hand-painted pottery in a local shop. 
and when we left, the ferry pulling away from the dock, i hoped i would come back again. to this tiny, quiet piece of magic.

xo country girl


  1. Magic seems to be the word! What beauty!

  2. apollonia.

    i, too, am often mesmerized by the names on those stones.

    an enchanting post, my friend. I feel as if i have been there.

  3. Sometimes you make me sad :(
    why you are the only luckiest girl to be in those magical places??
    why not me :(
    thanks for sharing the magical moments there, at least we can have a glance

    from Bangladesh.

  4. Wow...I'd love to go there...what a lovely way to see in the New Year. And aw! Just loving the photos! Apollonia - named after the god Apollo then...god of light and

  5. Dear Liza,
    I want to thank you for reminding me to be grateful for my life and the opportunities I have. I am feeling sad today, and you have reminded me of all my blessings.
    xo country girl

  6. Dawn...i was starting to go into a post holiday slump today..( plus we had a bad night with Buddy...up all night coughing, but the vet got him settled down with medication)but i was so let down and Buddy worry..but seeing your photographs gave me a sense of peace and calm. Just beautiful. Your photographs and words are amazing.You have a gift, dear one.

    Thank you for lifting my spirits...

    Love You,
    Kary and Buddy

  7. i am in love with apollonia already. : )
    such breathtaking photos.
    and you just know i love your new banner.

  8. What a beautiful little island, you have made me want to visit day I hope I get the chance xoxo

  9. How magical!

    I went there in summer one year. My husband and I were on our honey moon, and we stopped at a little caravan/camping park where we had a lovely meal. Then we lay on the little pier soaking up the last of the sun. It looks just like the one in the second photo with a pebble beach and long reeds.
    If you go back in summer, there is an amazing island full of beautiful gardens. It might be the same as the benedictine nunnery.



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