Thursday, January 28, 2010

snow days


a blue sky + snow = BLISS.
this walk was so quiet.
when i stopped moving to take a picture it was just the sound of the freezing trickling creek, a crow, and kiki's paws in the snow. i threw my pocketfull of oats under brambles and in deep footprints for the birds and the deer. i blinked at the sunlight. my nose was frozen but my feet were warm. i had my pajama pants on underneath my jeans. that's a little secret my husband taught me. stuff the pajama pants into your socks so they won't ride up while you put on your jeans. winter aint half bad since i learned that little trick.
i like to see blackberries in january. i like how they hang on, shriveled but determined, and remind me of summer, when the fields were green, not white.
and heading home, there it was: a tiny bird's nest, long deserted.
who built it? a sparrow? a coal tit?
how long did it take?
it's sitting now, that intricate brown grassy miracle, among my other tiny treasures. 
and i thought, while i carefully took it down from a low branch, that this must be a token of appreciation from the birds who are eating the grains i toss by the creek bed. the birds who live out here, on icy boughs and in dark tree cubbies;
brave, patient, hopeful. 
we can learn so much from birds.

xo country girl

i hear you like chocolate. 
you'll love the black tie cookie recipe i made.
i'll share it with you tomorrow.

p.p.s. thank you, everyone, for sharing in the beauty of simple things was an absolute joy to read all the kind notes you left me!

TODAY, ONE YEAR AGO: more magical snow! 


  1. haha! I've known the pajama secret since i was a child and always do that with my little one.
    First snow of the season here and no school today for me - coffee and reading day, yay!
    beautiful pictures! ((((hugs))))

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I love the mood of those photos - perfect to show us the snowy scene you are experiencing!! Love it!!! Hugs, Silke

  3. snow... How I would love to see you once again, one day.

  4. The photos you took are gorgeous! Such lovely colors... oh how I'd like to be there! We do not get snow where I live... Your dog is very pretty. I look forward to your chocolate-y recipe!

  5. I have to tell you, I am just now making it around to Christina's Simple Things friends. I was just delighted when I opened your blog and was created with such an adorable picture in the blog banner. I literally squealed with delight. What a wonderful photographer you are. Your images and the continuity in the colors is very pleasing to the eye. It's so very nice to meet you.

    P.S. I turn my husband's ring on his finger, too.

  6. Wonderful, peaceful photos and beautiful writing...I really could picture you and Kiki very clearly...what is about snow that creates such silence and calm? xxx

  7. Oh my gosh, I loved your story and the photos are amazing! I would love to be able to get out on snow days and take a walk and discover things that are hiding in 'plain site'! In the spring I hope to do this! You are such an inspiration! Give Kiki a hug for me! Look forward to your recipe!

  8. oh County is it possible that your photos and posts are just stunning each time? I am in love with the blackberry clinging to it's vine. The birds nest is like a precious parcel that must be handled with care. And of course any photo of Kiki puts a smile on my face, she is sp darling. Happy day to you dear friend. xox

  9. Such beautiful images...I love the winter tones as well as your wonderful words :)

    And I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one wandering around outside in my pajama's taking pictures!!

  10. L.L. Bean has jeans that are lined with red plaid flannel for adults and kids. You can even roll up the pant legs an inch or two so the lining is showing. They are warm as toast and very festive at Christmas.

    The pj bottoms and pants reminded me of them. Extra layering makes such a big difference in the winter.

    Love the pictures of KiKi!


  11. Your photos are beautiful, and your description of the day made me so want to be there!

    My last photo excursion was done in my leopard print pajamas, with no jeans over them! I left on impulse--and hour and a half later I finally came home! (You can see my photos here... )

  12. Your photos look heavenly! Oh Yes, the snow reminds me of how I dressed in layers growing. I feel the bliss you talk about! I was right there with you!

  13. what a delight my friend...Dawn...this is a book...i LOVE reading it so much..your words and reminds me of a lady who wrote for Country Living about 20 years ago..or more...I LOVED her...I can't remember her name..but she wrote an article that was seasonal ...and was my favorite...

    did you see the wonderful article about Susan in the La Vie Claire Winter 2010 magazine...

    i haven't read it yet..but i bought it...cause it is one of the magazines i always buy...beautiful photography in of the pictures in it is at Martha's Vineyard of the side of her house with the clothes flapping on the line. DARLING....the other magazine i got today was the spring Donna Hay....WOW...STUNNING photography in there too......

    and I love the apples on Kindred Spirit,,and Sharon's kitchen looks adorable too....

    more later, my friend


  14. Visiting thru Christina. What beautiful pictures, thoughts and what a beautiful dog.i'll be back.

  15. it brings me peace just to read your words. i love how you share with us all your inspiring thoughts about the world and the creatures that surround you. the images you captured are so pretty...there is so much beauty in every season...if we just stop and look for it. truly i so enjoy the moments that i spend here...i'm happy to have found you sweet dawn!
    happy day friend

  16. Awwwww.. such a beautiful dog! ♥



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