Monday, January 25, 2010

chai mallow latte!

I have a new addiction:
Chai Mallow Latte.
A crazy little idea I had yesterday while preparing my usual chai latte....Plop a few marshmallows on top!
And there it good!
The perfect warming hot toddy to cheer you up on a cold winter day.
Follow these simple steps:

put some brown sugar in a tall glass
::i like muscovado::

add your favorite chai tea bag

add hot, foamy, steamy milk


drizzle an espresso


plop three marshamallows on top
::i rolled mine in cinnammon sugar::



  1. mmmmm the perfect way to take the chill off indeed! i should think it would be way more fun to skip work today and enjoy a latte with you instead! thanks for the comment on my happy 101; some of our happy thoughts cross over...i am certain we were meant to be friends!
    happy day sweet dawn!

  2. Oh, wow, that looks delicious!! I could use one right now!!! Stay warm!! Hugs, Silke

  3. I need one oh-so-badly. It's so cold, temp dropped from 20C to 6 C in 2 days. crazy!!!

  4. It's so cold here that I've been wearing my pajama pants underneath my jeans!!!

  5. You are so fabulous! I'm going to go to the store today to get chai tea bags so that I can try one of these. Better than starbucks! :) Thank you!!!

  6. Ohhh this looks delish! And I also must mention that I'm a wee bit obsessed with your pup. How cute is she?!?!
    XX Kate

  7. I don't have Chai, so I just made soemthing similar flavourinf my coffee with cinnamon, almond, clove and cardammon. Just need the mellow now.

  8. Chai is my FAVORITE drink next to a good cup of a coffee. I will have to try this...

    I made your coffee bars this weekend and between just HUsband and myself they are half-gone... in just two days! They are so good and very unique in flavor. I did add the egg. After much deliberation we decided we wanted the more brownie-like substance. Now I have to go try them the original way!

  9. This looks so comforting and cozy. I just got some vanilla chai tea the other day and have been having it every morning..but tomorrow holds a whole new experience...i am making this...

    thanks sweet one....

    sending warm hugs to you all....

    kary and buddy

  10. Holy about a cherry on top :)

  11. Looks lovely Dawn, but I think it would be too sweet for me xoxo

  12. Oh. My. Goodness. That sounds fantastic!

  13. Looks great and very simple--my kind of 'cooking' teeeheee...

  14. OH,

    I ust tried this and it was so good! Instead of using espresso, I used two tea bags for double strength. I had just made some marshmallows and placed them on top with a drizzle of Caramel Syrup. Oh so good! Thank you for sharing :)




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