Monday, January 18, 2010

country girl's free beauty marks!

I think blog sidebars are the perfect opportunity to individualize and beautify one's blog, and to let the pieces of your personality shine through. I've been having fun making buttons, or what I like to call 'beauty marks,' and would like to share them with you....FOR FREE. 

I'll be making more...and more...and more....

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

All of Country Girl's Beauty Marks are made using my original photographs and/or graphics. If you're in the mood for being fair and friendly, make these pictures a link to my blog when you add them to your sidebar.

Instructions are simple:
Click on the beauty mark you want and, while keeping image selected, drag it to your desktop.
Go to 'Customize' on your blogger account and go to 'add gadget.' Select the 'picture' option. Upload the beauty mark, and add a link to my blog if you're feeling friendly in the 'link' section by copying my address and pasting it in. Et voìla! Your blog will be sporting a cute, free button that says something about you.

Here's my first batch:

You will find these, and all those to come, by clicking the Country Girl's Free Beauty Marks button in my sidebar.

Hope you like these, and find a place for one or more in your pretty blog.


  1. I love your beauty marks so much it makes me want to start a blog just so I can use them.
    And I would of course have a link back to your beautiful blog.

  2. I like the "I count blessings, not calories" one!

  3. Hey Dawn!

    These beauty marks are fabulous- thanks for sharing! I would love one that says ‘I pick fresh flowers’ or even something about gardening. Oooooh…. And how about one that says ‘self-proclaimed foodie’? I’m realizing that I am blog illiterate, so please be patient with me… I’m not quite sure yet how to hyperlink to blogs, so if you have any words of advice, let me know. But I will definitely use some of them and link them to your page. Thanks again for sharing!!

    :) Blair

  4. You my dear friend are simply wonderful :) So kind, sweet, generous and talented and I LOVE them all! I couldn't decide so I have been greedy and chosen 3!
    THANK YOU and lots and lots of love xoxox

  5. Thanks for the support everyone! So glad you like them.

    Blaire...I'm on it! :)

    Any other suggestions?


  6. Hey! These are wicked! When I get a mo I shall pinch one! Love the talent! xxx

  7. What beauts! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can see I'll enjoy visiting here, too!

  8. Oh my goodness, doesn't your photograph of the natural treasures coincide with my posting of Faerie Furnishings???? Amazing.

    I love reading through your writing, losing myself in the photos, and enjoying our time together.

    Thank you for your sweet post today. I don't think of teaching children about faeries and Santa Claus as "lying." Imagination starts growing in childhood.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  9. OH DAWN,

    Thank you for commenting on the Los Angeles Times blog entry about my new book. Thanks to your faithful help the story has been picked up by many other newspapers and magazines in our country.

    I was so surprised to see your name on the blog entries at the Times. Thanks a zillion!

    Love, love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  10. Hi Dawn,

    These are gorgeous! I am a very new blogger, but I have been following for a while. You are the first blog I have linked to. Cheers!


  11. Hi again:),

    I was able to add one of your beautiful blinkies to my site AND actually figured out how to link it to yours. Hurrah! I also sent you back a Happy 101 award (finally:)).

    Have a nice day!


  12. These are great! You have a lovely blog!

  13. O these are lovely! I will remember them when I am ready to have some (and I will link them to your blog!)

  14. What wonderful beauty marks you have created - and they're so inspiring!


    Agatha x

  15. I just came across your blog through my friend Heather at A day in the Country. Your blog is so sweet. I love your collection of nature...looks like my collection. Now I have to go back to that cookie recipe you posted.

  16. Wow, CG, what a cool gift!
    I'll be sure to use these, every one of them is perfectly precious.
    Thank you!

  17. I ADORE your blog! And I think the beauty mark idea a is really wonderful way of sharing. You are very kind to do this! I am grabbing several and I am more than pleased to link to your blog!



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