Monday, January 11, 2010

supposing it didn't...

                                                     -a.a. milne

Do you worry as much as I do? Needless worrying? I find all too often that I am like Piglet, grinding my teeth, fearing 'certain doom.' Luckily I am also like Pooh. And my Pooh-self tells my Piglet-self again and again, "Supposing it didn't?"
So now I'm telling know those things? Those things you are worrying about today? Those things that have you grinding your teeth, keep you up at night, tossing turning, worried they will or won't happen? 
Just remember.....Supposing it didn't.


  1. Perfect. Why does Pooh always say it best? Cause he's Pooh, I guess! This one hit the spot for me. I am going to print it and put it in a little journal where I keep all things inspirational. Thanks Country Girl! You come from such a pure place of inspiration.

    Organic Spark

  2. Aw...what a nice little is a good one to apply to worriers! I used to worry a lot...I secretly still do a

  3. Very cute! I love A.A. Milne. I just bought "Pooh's Little Book of Etiquette" from a thrift shop this weekend. I definitely worry a lot. I am enjoying your blog and you are a kindred spirit. T/C

  4. pooh and piglet - the adorable conversations they have! makes me feel warm all over.

  5. Like you, I'm like Piglet most of the time, trying to be like Pooh. I'm getting better at being optimistic as I get older (and wiser?)

  6. yes...i am most certainly like you then! it's exhausting...worrying about everything all the time! sometimes i'm not even sure what is making me feel worried...but there i am sleepless and worried.
    i love this sweet. today i will focus on 'supposing it didn't!'
    last week was crazy and i have guilt for letting my blogging inspire me everyday with your warm thoughts and beautiful images!
    you are so sweet Dawn!

  7. thanks so much for posting this - i find myself worrying more often than not about things i have zero control over. i need to remember this...


  8. Dawn..loved this..just perfect..i wish i didn't worry so much..i try to "let it go"...but still......

    thanks for this.....

    love you and hugs to Kiki too....

    kary and buddy

  9. so good to hear from you....connected through red i love when i look at them..i think of you, dear one....


  10. Most the time, if not always, the Thing that DOES happen is perfect for us to walk forward with.
    Like piglet and Pooh, one step at the time, one day at the time.
    Some steps and hours hurt like hell...old wounds, make me worry if it'll happen again...well, I suppose it won't...not the same way.
    Always new.
    Best day to you...or two.

  11. Hello Kiki and Country Girl... and of course rest of your family. Thank you so much for coming by our blog and leaving your cute paw prints!!! Looks like you've got so much snow. Please stay warm, ok? We enjoyed seeing your video in the snow. Unlike ours (salted pavement) yours is beautiful.

    We wish the new year will bring you lots of joy and happiness.

    Momo & Pinot

    ps: We'd love to link your blog to ours. Hope it's ok.

  12. What a perfect subject for this time of year, when we are planning and worrying about the future. And even those day to day worries can be stifling. But dear Pooh and Piglet bring us back to a state of calm, don't they?
    Thank you for the sweet reminder to keep calm when faced with uncertainty.
    Best wishes!

  13. You have a beautiful blog. I love your optimism!



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