Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the one where i think i can't

Winter gets me thinking. And I was thinking about my fears. How some of them are based on nothing palpable, not even experience. There are certain things I have, at some point, decided I cannot do, without ever having tried them.
One of those things is making bread. I am scared of making bread. Well, scared of failing at making bread. I read somewhere, in some cookbook, that making a great loaf of bread is an art, and that very few people have mastered it. And since then I knew I wasn't up for the job. Rising, punching down, turning out, all scares me. But then I got to thinking, "What if I had decided I couldn't blog? Couldn't paint? Couldn't raise a dog? Couldn't move to a foreign country and learn German? Couldn't possibly fall in love?" Those thoughts scared me even more than baking bread. 
So I'm going to do it. I bought my yeast packets (those things terrify me...the ability to make dough double in size...); now I just have to pick out a recipe, tie on an apron, and hope my hands don't shake. And accept that my first loaf may be a failure.
What have you decided you can't do, with no good reason why? I think 2010 should be a year where we face at least one of those things and give them a try.

One thing I know I can do, and love to do, is be in nature. (But you all knew that!) Today I collected another nice handfull of treasures, inspired by contrasting form and colors.
I especially love the mossy twigs, and the withered hard blackberries, remnants of summer past. And how about that bright green fern. What a sight for sore eyes in a vast field of white; bending, wet, in a crack of thawing snow. Green is so precious this time of year.

country girl

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  1. way to overcome. it looks delicious.

  2. Good luck with the bread! I know you'll make it! Love all the new little buttons.
    PS My laptop is 'dead' from a virus. I don't know when I'll be back.

  3. Paula...I wish that was mine. It's more like my inspiration. :) sorry about your computer. Hope to have you back again soon. xoxo

  4. The bread looks wonderful in that photo...I'm sure through trial and error you'll get is like most things in life- I agree! I really want to make a patch-work quilt...but I'm scared...I keep delaying...I'll get there in the end! xxx

  5. what a wonderful post. you can do it. i have never tried making bread either. my grandma used to make the best homemade bread. i can taste it now. good luck!!!

  6. last year, i was afraid to make a real cheesecake... and i ended up mastering the art by the year's end! you can do it, the bread will be amazing...and even if it isn't, guess what, you get more than one chance :)

    this year, i'm afraid i can't pick up the guitar again. it's been too long. ...we'll see...

  7. Darling Dawn, wonderful post again! I'm a firm believer in taking myself OUT of my comfort zone once in a while, even if I'm really scared. I was terrified of flying for the longest time, literally shaking & being sick at the thought! Then, I went to live in the US for a year -I was on my own, no one to give me sympathy, just lots of withering looks! So I taught myself (with the help of a wonderful motivational CD) to overcome it - and I no longer fear it & sometimes even look forward to it!& when my sister moved to Australia, BOY was I glad I'd got past that major obstacle!
    I've been making bread for years (it helps that my grandfather, great grandfather & great great too were Master Bakers with their own bakeries & my Mum makes a mean loaf too - so I was immersed in it early, so no fear!) and the only tip I'd give you is to knead that dough more than you even think you need to! Really pull, stretch & pummel it, you can't do it too much. And you'll be fine, you're a great cook! And if it goes wrong the first, or second time even - those little birds will be SO happy, so you can't fail! xoxox Rachel

  8. Hello darling one...go for it...bread is one of my most favorite things to to smell it rising in the bowl..when it's a warm..when i walk inside i can smell it..all yeasty and lovey.....and in the oven...makes a house so cozy...

    let me know how it goes....i know you'll be hooked......

    more later....

    love you,
    kary and buddy
    p.s. i want to learn to knit..but i am scared...

  9. love this post!! but now i want bread! :(

  10. What an inspiring post!

    I think I would love to make a soufflé...but I'm too scared. Thanks to you, I might try it in 2010.

    Thank you and I hope your bread goes well,

    Agatha x

  11. I love a quote from an Australian entertainer, Wendy harmer: Life is short, try to make every mistake possible!
    I was brought up to try not to make a mistake, and have gradually learnt how wonderful they are (most of them!). Good luck with the bread making!

  12. loved this post... can totally relate to the "bread intimidation." :D

  13. oh dawn, i believe that you can do anything you set your mind to! i can't wait to see & hear about this first bread making experience...
    i spend a great deal of energy talking myself out of doing things just because i'm scared...i'm going to make a list of things to conquer in 2010...
    i have a little collection of some canadian nature collected, yet to be photographed. i loved really looking at the world around me on today's walk...with one impatient schnauzer pulling me along!
    and also i gave you the 'kreativ blogger' award if you want to come on over to pick it up...because you are creative and an inspiration to me!
    with love

  14. Your bread looks perfect....crusty on the outside, soft in the middle.


  15. It's almost going to be a year since this post. I loved it then and I love it now. I have that same fear about backing cakes. I am good at bread, even took a course once! I love cooking, just afraid of baking cakes. :)



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