Friday, January 15, 2010

collection of tiny treasures!

The blog award I received, which has been passing through countless blogs for who knows how long, had me thinking. Thinking about this wonderful blog world and the way it connects us. As I was thinking, I was walking; walking through a snow-covered field, picking up tiny treasures as I went along as I often do...pheasant feathers, a piece of walnut shell, an oak leaf, a dried flower bud....and I decided today I would post about my tiny treasures, bits of natural beauty scattered along the vast and seemingly empty path I was walking. I wanted to prove that, no matter how bleak things may seem, there are always little treasures to be found for the one who is looking.

I then began thinking how much I would love to see what little things you all find on your walks...I love the thought of women in all different climates and countries, picking around their pathways, discovering acorns and feathers, rosehips and whisps of wild clematis. Maybe even an abandoned bird's nest, or arrowhead?

In some kindergartens there are Nature Tables where the children put anything interesting they've found, and where the teachers help them label them and learn about them. What I would like to initiate here, with all of you, is a mini version of the Nature Table. If you want to show us the little things you've picked up while taking a walk, please do...and please copy the picture to the left on my sidebar, and add it to your sidebar once you've posted a picture of your finds (add a link to this post too, if you'd like). Invite other bloggers to do so as well. Lets see how many people from around the world we can get to share their tiny treasures with us!

It will be a wonderful thing to observe these tiny nature tables throughout the seasons.

Can't wait to see yours!

I'd like to ask

Yiota @ shells and bells, flowers and showers in Greece
Morwenna @ bluebells and butterflies in England
Blaire @ B-mused in Massachusettes
Sharon Lovejoy @ sharon lovejoy writes from sunflower house and a little green island in California

if they would like to be the first to start?

Enjoy your Friday, and maybe....go on a walk??? Who knows what you will find.......

country girl

p.s. as you will see below, i have begun ending my posts with a link to what i posted on the same date a year before (if something was posted). i think it's interesting to look back and see what was going on exactly 365 days ago in my life, and in my mind....

TODAY, ONE YEAR AGO: Study Nature....


  1. what a great idea!

  2. Ooooooh! I love, love ,love this idea! So inspiring! I've started noticing the little things when I started this blog and begun so grateful for all the sources of happiness, big or small. I'll see what I can find in this big city I live. I could always use findings from past walks in the countryside but I think I'll challenge myself by trying to find beauty here in the city.
    I like the '1 year ago' link.

  3. Yiota, yes yes yes! Please look around the city...I am sure you will find interesting little things! Old coins, feathers, pretty stones...I can't wait!!!

  4. This is a really neat idea, what a cool way to see what nature looks like all year long in different parts of the world.

  5. Oh, what fun! I would be honored to join this project... I just love assignments :)

    Khan and I both always find fun treasures on our park excursions, but I usually leave them in a little pile on the steps just before we leave beacuse I think, "What will I Do with them???"

    Thanks for the unifying idea, Dawn!

  6. I love this idea. Now that I have a small dog I find myself looking down and finding small things wonderful things. I also love the "last year" link. Great way to see where you've come from. Happy New Year!

  7. Lupines,
    I know the dilemma.
    I was thinking about finding someplace in the woods, a hollowed tree stump or something like that, where I put the found treasures after I've photographed them. I remember back in California there was a spot where people anonymously would put such things, and the collection was so fun to look at and add to as it grew.
    A child who finds it will probably think it's a fairy's collection!
    Thanks for taking part with such enthusiasm.

  8. Yay!!!
    What a great way to perticipate.
    I'm in!
    Can you explain a little more about how to connect to your blog? I'll post the link on my side bar, but how does that connect?
    I'm off to three days on Moss beach, which is in half moon bay, California.
    Should have ample finds to show and tell.
    I'll also go take a picture of the tiny faerie cave in Mill Valley you talk about in your post and send it to you:)

  9. You got a blog award?
    What does it look like?
    Can I see?
    Congratulations Sweet Pea!

  10. Good afternoon Country Girl. This is a wonderful idea! I think I may do an entry about this. I love the way you put it about finding treasures if you look, no matter what time of year. I really enjoy your blog and it's definitely one of my favorites. The name of it is so sweet and made me think that even the cold, bleek winter time here in the midwest can be sweet to thee! I also like seeing Kiki too. I watched the Kiki running in the snow video and it made me smile.

  11. What a super idea - and a great way to find interesting things!

    Agatha x

  12. What a sweet idea! It's been too cold to go outside around here (we're not used to these temps in Georgia)!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's so nice to "meet" you. I love the title of your blog and you have so many beautiful photos. What a delightful blog you have!


  13. Hurrah! What a fantastic idea, Dawn:). The snow is begining to melt here, as it's been warm. I'm sure I can find some good treasures that have been burried. I'll take my walk tomorrow and post some fun finds:).
    Happy weekend!

    :) Blair

  14. Got your sweet message and YES ! Count Me In Too...

    Everyday when I walk Buddy I am always looking at the ground anyway because he is blind I never take my eyes off him..I have to steer him around obstacles on our walks in his harness...and it is funny that you mention this, because whenever John puts on my sweatshirt he always pulls out a handful of things I have picked up along the way..Acorns, pods, dried leaves,a penny...but ONLY if it is facing UP. Otherwise, DO NOT TOUCH IT. And whenever I see a bird feather I pick it up..My friend , Julie says a feather is a letter from a bird. So I have all different kinds in little rows in my bookshelf.....

    So excited about sharing my corner of the world..GREAT IDEA....

    more later my sweet friend,
    Love You,
    Kary and Buddy

  15. Country Girl- you are full of amazing ideas. I'm so excited about this project of yours and will be diligently looking for and picking up interesting things on my walks next week. Thank you~!
    And I love the picture of your nature table- it's a beautiful collection. xox

  16. Thisis a great idea. I posted a like to it on my blog! What fun it will be to see everyone's little treasures.

  17. dearest dawn,
    you my friend are just brimming with special ideas to inspire us all...i love this very much! i adore your photo of your interesting finds and can imagine you and kiki strolling about collecting natures little treasures! just tonight i was looking at the stars and was thinking of my friends scattered about the world and how we are all under the same sky and can look to the same made me feel so connected...
    love to you sweet dawn!

  18. This is such a neat idea.Alas, such a collection would never survive in-house inspection by our resident feline Ohana. But perhaps a 'window-box' sort of shelf could hold such treasures. I could admire the collection everytime I do the dishes. Thank you for the inspiration!

  19. This is a lovely idea...being in the might be a little harder - it is easier to come by things like cigarette butts and newspaper but next time I go on a walk I'll have a look! xxx

  20. Thank you for including me in this lovely venture, I cannot wait to find lots of beautiful little treasures xoxo

  21. Just did a post- not near as pretty as yours...but a start.
    I hope to keep this project ongoing on my blog.
    xoxo great idea!

    check it out if you like.

  22. this is the neatest thing i've seen all day! i am so in. a great motivation to get out in the snowy weather and play. thanks for noticing the little things. :)



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