Friday, January 8, 2010

the planet is sprinkled with lights

My dear ones...
First, I want to show you these two photos which I took on completely different days, but which, when I looked at them this morning, I realized are so similar. They both could be titled 'One.' They are both very simple. And they both give me a certain feeling....melancholy? Peace? Tranquility? I remember that, in both cases, I saw this one small thing flying through the enormous sky, and felt the need to capture it with my lense. I hope you like them.

Now, I want to introduce you to an artist I've discovered...whose work I absolutely LOVE: Kristiana Pärn

winter garden 


going together

free range chicken

feeding birds

These are just a few of the beautiful paintings/prints she has available at her etsy store. Someday, I hope to have one of her originals, painted on maple wood, hanging in our home. 

Isn't it encouraging to find someone, or something, which speaks directly to your heart? Doesn't it pick you back up off the ground when you find something precious, something beautiful, or receive kind words from someone you love, or sometimes even a perfect stranger? And then, you don't feel so alone anymore in this great big feel you are a part of some unspoken community...a community of like-minded people, who dream of the same things you do, who have so much love to give just like you do, and who are hungry to share that love, and to experience love and beauty.

While talking with a friend the other day on twitter, we agreed that when being in contact with all of these great women from all different countries and continents, we had the vision of the planet being sprinkled with tiny glowing lights......those lights are you...and her...and me.....
....let's keep the planet glowing with our lights....



  1. She would be a talented children's book artist!

  2. ooo I got goosebumps! Yes! I love that guys are my little lights - especially right now in times of need. My life is so much richer through blogging - I learn so much and I feel I can be so expressive too in return...I did think yesterday how lovely it would be to have a tea party with all my favourite bloggers...probably impossible but I wonder how it would be?! Marvellous I reckon... xxx

  3. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for your comment :). I actually stumbled across your blog because of your blurb on The Bump.... which led me to this blogworld:). Since then, I've pretty much been glued to my computer :). But it is so fascinating to me that there are all of these women out there in the world, whom I never would have come across without the internet, who think just like I do! :) It's so comforting, especially on days when I feel sad and grumpy, to read someone else's thoughts that mirror my own, and to know that somewhere, someone is feeling the same way. One of my favorite things about reading the blogs is viewing the beautiful photos from around the world. It’s really like a little community, like everyone’s living on the same little street, though countries away. I’m excited to becoming a part of it, slowly but surely ;).

    I hope you're having a better day today. Your photos are lovely!


  4. I love how you saw melancholy and tranquility in the pictures. I felt that too. Different feels that somehow sit very close to each other on the spectrum at times. Hope you are feeling better today. I had you in my thoughts yesterday. It's interesting, but I had a few days kind of like yours recently. So, it felt like we shared a cup of tea when I read yours. The clouds seem to have shifted this AM though... hope they have for you too.

    Organic Spark

  5. I love your idea for a winter holiday!

  6. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for always being so honest with us about your feelings and thoughts. That - and of course your pretty pics - are the reason why I like your blog so much. It shows that you put your heart in it, your texts, pics and all the little details!

    Haven't had a chance to read your entry from yesterday until now. I hope
    you felt a little better today! You're not alone, so many people care and think about you!

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Hello dear one...this was just lovely..i feel the same way...we are so lucky to have each other in this blogworld...I have met so many wonderful friends...and I met YOU ! Lucky Me !!!

    I love knowing we all have each good times and bad times...we are all here for each other..friendship around the globe....

    Hope this finds you feeling uplifted today....
    And your photographs are stunning.

    Love You,
    kary and buddy

  8. I love the photoes (life is just like that a lot of the time, isn't it!) and thankyou for introducing me to such a wonderful artist!



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