Sunday, July 17, 2011

31 Weeks

I feel like my belly has definitely expanded this past week, even though the midwife said she thought it wouldn't. It also feels heavier when I walk! The funny thing is that I lost 1 kilo, I'm guessing in water, because I've been eating so much fruit (it's hard to eat anything else in this heat).

This morning Rafael woke me up moving around wildly, so much so that I had to laugh out loud. It's beautiful sharing my body with him, being this close. I am truly never alone!

Ramon is coming back home tonight. I am so relieved! I can't sleep well without him, and it's just not the same without our mornings, evenings, and weekends together, when we make each other laugh and talk about all the random things on our minds. There is definitely a reason why we are married. Many reasons, actually.

Here's the latest pregnancy update:

How far along? 31 weeks.

Total weight gain: 19 pounds, lost a little under 2 this past week.

How big is baby? 4 pounds.

Sleep: Awful nightmares every night. I'm chalking that up to my husband being gone, and the full moon.

Best moment this week: Playing with Rafael's feet. I would press them and then he would kick back at me. It really felt like some sort of communication!

Movement: He has some pretty wild moments once in a while now, where my whole belly trembles and jumps. 

Food cravings: Peaches peaches peaches, apricots, topfen, brown bread with herb cream cheese spread, caprese salad, green olives stuffed with garlic.

Belly button in or out? In.

What I miss: Not having swollen, sore feet.

What I'm looking forward to: August. July seems to be stretching out endlessly.

Milestone: I leaked colostrum yesterday! This made me so happy. It's great to know that everything is working, and that my body is already preparing to feed and nurture this little boy.


  1. How Precious..It is also so refreshing to see a pregnancy shared with such beauty and joy...I TOTALY understand not having your husband by your side and the loneliness that comes with that..My husband is TRULY my best friend and it KILLS us to be apart...Thankfully we have only had to be apart a handful of times in are 16yrs of marriage...
    Have a blessed day

  2. I love that first picture of you. Your joy is shown in picture and words.


  3. beautiful, I loved pushing in against a foot and feeling the babies move. One at a time of course. This was 33 years ago. But I can remember it plain as day. It's wonderful seeing that you are enjoying and documenting this time of your life. What a blessing this is for you. Take care.

  4. Gorgeous Dawn. So exciting that it's all to come! You look absolutely radiant. xoxo

  5. ENJOY every moment! Wishing you all the best.

  6. I remember my sister needing her feet rubbed all the time in her last couple of weeks. It really helped.

    It is just amazing what nature can do, pregnancy and all... I know it has been around forever, but still awe-inspiring!

    So happy for you and your family,

  7. Wow! You are really coming along! Impressive. My best friend is probably actually in labour right now. She was due on Thursday and I haven't heard from her yet so suspecting... exciting times!!! xxx

  8. I'm loving your updates Dawn! You look absolutely amazing ... I can't wait to meet Rafael! 9 weeks left!

  9. Oh look amazing!!! I know you are just loving having Rafael kick and squirm... smile..

    xoxo Gert



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