Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Late July

Fresh organic watermelon juice, ice, and wild mint in a mason jar. The first hay fields cut under a big hazy sky. Tattered little vintage books. Roses wrapped in brown paper. That's late July.

The sun is shining today and dragonflies are everywhere, drying their wings I guess. Swallows are flying high again...they swoop down low when it's going to rain, and soar high up in the great wide blue when the weather is fare. Old fashioned weather forecasters. On grey days they fly so low that their wing tips skim the wheat fields.

My belly has hard spots all over. A knee? An arm? A foot? I rub, press, and guess. I've been pregnant so long now that I think this boy will never come, and will just stay in there, making me wonder which little body part he is pressing up against my hand. He likes it when I take bubble baths, which I do almost daily now to relieve my back and feet. He rolls and squirms when I squeeze the loofa over my belly. I think he likes the sound of the water.

I stumbled upon photos of Boston's first day with us today, taken about a year ago, and marveled at how brave little puppies are, leaving their familiar surroundings, their siblings, and their mother...taking the long journey to a new home, with unfamiliar smells and strangers.

I looked at the expression on his face and thought of how is little body trembled in my lap during the car ride home, and my heart broke all over again for him, knowing it must have been so scary. I glanced over at him, all confident and grown up now, sleeping soundly on a blanket with Kiki stretched out next to him, and was glad that he was with us...people (and a dog) who love him. A new family.

Now there is another new member of the family on the way. Helpless, dependent, putting all his trust into us to take care of him and hold him when he is afraid of how big this world is. He is counting on us to be his family, to be there for him, to not hold it against him that he is so fragile and needy, and to not be frustrated with him when he needs our help all hours of the day. To not be impatient with him while he learns the ways of this world, and gets to know the difference between day and night. To smile at him, kiss him, bath him, feed him, and comfort him.

Such an amazing journey ahead of us all....


  1. that's it Dawn! You have motherhood down to the simplicity and bare bones that it needs to be. I have not a single doubt that you are going to be such a wonderful mama... already so patient, so understanding and so loving :O) xoxo

  2. What a beautiful picture of him :)

  3. Awwww.. you are the cutest!!! Between your kitchen, from the previous posts, your belly and these photos; they're gorgeous!! The little guy will come soon; I know, it is SO hard to be patient while he's cooking! I couldn't wait to meet Ben, but it is so incredibly worth the wait (as I'm sure you already know:)). Enjoy your tubs & sleep and the feeling of little belly kicks and pats- so fun:).

    Can you please send me the how-to on making your photos large in blogger? I keep trying and just CANNOT do it! :) Beautiful post!

    Love, B

  4. I'm so glad you've been posting more as of late, Dawn. I love coming to your site and revelling in its soothing and uplifting tone.

    Thanks so much!

  5. i know your baby will be beautiful and perfect, and
    i have five of my own . . . but i still think puppies
    are cuter. :)

  6. Your drink looks so refreshing... ahhh. Boston reminds me so muc of Kodee! I always feel horrible taking a puppy from it's mother. It reminds me of she scene in the movie Dumbo :(

  7. Patience... the whole key to raising children. I think you have got it covered. :)


  8. Oh my gosh Dawn your photo's are just beautiful..but nothing like your words. You do such an amazing job with your writings....makes one feel your emotions right along with I thought the same thing about little Rusty so many years ago.. how scary that must be but today he knows we do...

    xoox Gert

  9. Oooh, congratulations!!! I remember the wonder of little bodyparts moving below the surface. I used to laugh because I could tell when she'd scrunch up and point her little bottom up, then I'd see her do it 'on the outside' and remember. It took a long time after I had my girl to finally stop that 'wait and feel a movement."I'd have to remember, 'oh yeah! she's out!"
    Awww, what a sweet pup you have! I have a cavalier king charles as well! His name is Henry, he's the rust and white. My sweet boy! Love these pups, they are so good.

  10. Boston looks so darling...for some reason today i have been weepy over Buddy...i guess the empty spot in your heart is always there...we just love them so MUCH !!!

    you will be such a wonderful kind and patient... i think of you and baby every day...i know september 18th is getting closer...i am so excited for fact, just today we took Teddy for a ride to the beach and i thought of you and thought....when you are 55 ( my age ) your sweet boy will be 25. enjoy every delicious minute, my sweet friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy



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