Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Hard Decision About Boston

Boston is the most affectionate, cuddly dog I have ever met. He is so incredibly sweet and loving, and has really won my heart since joining our family a year ago.

But lately, for some reason, he has begun peeing (marking) inside the house every day. Every day I will find a little puddle on a door, a corner, the fridge, or a blanket. And once, when I left the door to Rafael's nursery open, he went in there and peed on three things, luckily all things I could wash.

Before we even brought Boston home last August, we had decided he would be neutered. When the time came and I made an appointment for the operation, my in-laws got very upset, and insisted that we not neuter him. They were convinced that neutering would change his personality and make him depressed. They were so insistent, and we didn't have any problems with Boston as far as aggression or marking, so we thought we'll just leave him be.

Not only has he been marking, though...he also gave me a heart attack the other day chasing a girl dog towards the street, me screaming his name at the top of my lungs, and him only turning around at the last second. He also pulls on his leash really hard whenever there is another dog in sight, which I just can't imagine dealing with once I am pushing a stroller with one hand and holding the dogs on the their leashes in the other.

So all of this has led us to the decision to have him operated after all. I've read up on the subject, and it seems that his personality will not change, besides him being more calm about female dogs and marking less (or stopping completely).

We'll just get it done, and maybe one day my in-laws will notice that something missing. Then again, maybe they won't!

It's a hard decision, but I think we are making the right one.


  1. Hello from Zurich :-) When I still lived in Chicago I had my dog, Lucky, neutered and have never regretted it. His personality remained the same; he was still the loving, funny, full of personality dog that he was before surgery. Also calmer.

    13 years later, he is going strong - my Lucky-boy, who charms people wherever he goes.

    Naturally it helps to have full confidence in your Tier Arzt - as I'm sure you do. God bless you all :-)

  2. You will not regret it and you will all be happier.


  3. Dearest Dawn...I feared something DREADFUL when I read the title of this post...but it's not so bad after all, thank goodness. I think it's always the right decision to neuter dogs. It takes away that awful longing for something though they're not sure what and makes them so much happier, calmer, serene I think. Also healthier...testicular & womb & breast cancer in dogs is a huge problem. You are so making the right decision...and really, for little boy dogs it's not a huge thing (don't tell Ramon I said that!) A little pain & quickly over and back to happy life. FlowerLady is right, you'll never regret it. xoxo Happy Sunday

  4. I'm with you on this one! It's the best decision, if for no other reason, so that he won't get a female dog pregnant. I believe in spaying and neutering. It's the responsible thing to do. Good luck and I hope it resolves the issue.

  5. I was with Rachel on this one when I first read that title:). But I think you'll be happy with your decision. It will be one less thing to worry about, especially after the little guy is born:). You look lovely & glowy in the photo!! Hope you're feeling well. xoxo

  6. Each dog we've ever had fixed never changed, just got more loveable! You've got to do what is right for your family!

  7. Even after a couple days Boston won't even notice:) I'm not sure how old Boston is, but when we got our rescue Mr. Bojangles he was 10 months old the group thought. He would mark all over, once we got him fixed he stopped. He was young enough so it didn't become a habit. While he was at the vet I scrubbed all those area really good, so he didn't have the scent. Also, it could be Boston senses some of the changes going on in the home so he might act up a bit more. He is a cutie and still will be just as cute with a couple of changes. :) xo

  8. Not a decision at all, a right moral choice. Animals aren't human and don't realise they don't have all their bits. Doesn't make an ounce of difference, apart from making sure any more unwanted doggies aren't in the already overpopulated world. Well done xxxxx

  9. I agree with everyone else here. You will not regret it for a moment. It only made my dog, Hubbell, more sweet and lovable. And, at the same time, got rid of lots of problems (marking, aggresiveness with other dogs, etc). Hope the surgery goes well!

  10. I am a huge proponent of neutering/spaying pets. Really, there are so many unwanted pets in this world.

    So, that being said, my vote is that your decision is awesome! You won't regret it....promise! And maybe your in laws won't even notice. : )

  11. Oh and the secret recipe to get the smell out (even the smell you can't smell) is 16 oz. of Hydrogen Peroxide, 3 Tbsp Baking Soda, & a squirt of dishwashing soap.

    Put it in a spray bottle....and all evidence of his naughty behavior will be gone.

  12. My heart was in my throat when I read the title! LOL I thought something was terribly wrong.

    Growing up and now as an adult, I have had all my dogs and cats fixed. I think it is the responsible thing to do. Even our cats that never went outside got fixed just in case they ever got out. It has never changed any of their personalities at all. Maybe this is a European view?

    I do make sure they get extra TLC after the operation. But I know you will spoil Boston for sure when he gets home!


  13. Best decision! He'll be great!

  14. Cool responses!
    Ya...I read that boy dogs get better after neutered, meaning more focused on the 'den' and will be better for everyone.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. I think it's the right decision for Boston as well. Especially considering that he could get out and find a friend...

    The reason why show dogs aren't allowed to breed after ONE altercation with another dog is that strangely, dog semen can hang out and wait to fertilize eggs almost forever. So even if it's been years since the "deed", a little mutt could still turn up. From what I hear, having something like this happen so someone's prized breeder makes them turn nasty.

    ^ random I know, but that is honestly my first response. And if most people in your city are like your in-laws about fixing their animals, the chances of that happening are pretty high.

  16. IMHO you definitely made the right decision. It's the reponsible choice, healthwise to Boston.... and then to all his lady friends (and their owners) out there. Having this done when he's young will make it a lot easier for him. Less complications. He should recover quickly.

  17. boston will have the skip in his step back in no time! i honestly don't think luka even noticed! ha! x



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