Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Such Good Friends

"Fay and Julie Hancock have been married sixty years and are still such good friends that Fay frames Julie's button collections, and at an auction recently paid $4.50 for another toothpick holder for her collection that has already spread over the end of the dining room like ivy across an old church wall. And Julie willingly gave up the whole basement to the fifty-two miniatures Fay has made, duplicating horse-drawn vehicles and farm implements he remembers from boyhood and early farm life."
-Rachel Peden, Speak To The Earth: Pages From A Farmwife's Journal

So happy that my best friend, my husband, is back home.

And also: there has been a break in the heat! I woke up in the night to the refreshing sound of rain. It's overcast today, and the perfect temperature. Everything is washed clean and glistening. This cool weather is such a welcome relief.


  1. What a sweet post and I love that photo.

    Enjoy having your DH back home with you. Being married to our best friends is a real joy.

    Glad you are having some rain and cooler temps too.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. That is a sweet story about the married couple supporting each other's interests, and great to hear your rain brought cooler temperatures.

  3. Such a sweet and delightful post! Love your belly pictures.... so cute!

  4. You always loved the rain and cool air...:)



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