Thursday, July 7, 2011


This morning as I was puttering around the kitchen, I thought about the journal I used to keep in my old mac book. I would begin each entry with an inspiring or touching quote, and would then write about my thoughts, the weather, the seasonal changes in nature, Kiki, marriage, hopes, and dreams.

With this new lap top, I haven't been keeping a journal. And I wondered to myself, why isn't my blog more like a journal? Is it because I don't want to be too personal? But haven't I shared very personal things? Yes. But I also quickly got caught up in this blogger state of mind, where you write things that you hope your readers will be interested in to keep them coming back. Where you advertise your shops. Where you link to this and link to that.

But why?

Why is that important?

Not to say that YOU, dear reader, are not important. Because you really, truly are! I have found support, inspiration, friendship, and love within the notes you leave me here. As many bloggers will confirm, it's amazing how much community one finds when blogging.

Still, I was thinking about those old journal simple and sincere they were. Sometimes I just wrote about the fog, how much I loved the rain on the window, how the smell of cinnamon was filling the kitchen while I baked, how Kiki and I had stumbled upon a cluster of mushrooms in the forest. Stuff so mundane that they probably wouldn't be interesting to anyone but myself.

Could I blog about those things? And not care if anyone else cared?

I logged onto this blog and was immediately overwhelmed by the sidebar; so many pictures, so many links, so much information. I realized, if I wanted this place to feel personal, I needed to SIMPLIFY. I needed to strip it down to a minimum, and make it feel like a very pure place where I simply shared my thoughts and photographs. Whatever was on my mind. Without hoping to interest anyone.

Recently I read a quote that went something like: I just want to create stuff, even if no one cares.

And I LOVE that incentive! I just want to write stuff, even if no one cares!

So, this is my 'new' blog. Or as I hope it will be from now on, simply My Journal.


  1. Your blog is a sweet place to visit, no matter if it's simple or "busy" - what shines through is your appreciation for the world around you. Thank you for blogging :-)

  2. Dear Dawn, I've just had a look around your 'new look' journal/blog & I think it gives plenty of information still...I also believe that a blog should be just the way it's owner wants it to be! Coupled with the fact that you are not going to have much time on your hands in the coming months (years!;-) I think you've made the right decision for you. Looking forward to reading your thoughts as always...with lots of love to you & Raffi xoxo Rachel

  3. Thank you Susan and Rachel! I really appreciate all of my readers/friends/visitors. This felt like the right kind of change for me to able to write really freely and comfortably.

  4. I too have thought about making my blog more simple, just haven't found the right foremat yet! I love your new look and no matter what others think, it's your blog! Your words and photo shine through no matter the foremat!

  5. Oh Dawn no matter what you blog/journal about I will love it! Your writings are always intriguing! Continue with your new simplified blog and we shall all return to enjoy your life with you!!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Wow...I've never had the readership you do, but even so, with my previous blog I struggled with the same stuff. It started out just about my oh-so-average life, but then I suddenly felt pressured to be funny for the funny ones and introspective for the introspective ones, and somehow I lost control over it all. And finally abandoned it this year. And started again. I love to visit blogs about everyday things--I love simplicity, I love gentleness, and I'd certainly love reading about you and Kiki stumbling over a cluster of mushrooms. I love this so much that, though I've been reading you for about a year now, I don't feel too intimidated to leave a comment. So, so lovely...

  7. Dear Karen,
    I think the reason people start blogging very sporadically, or even stop like you did, is because of that feeling of pressure to deliver something especially witty, beautiful, or unique. I hope simplifying will help me to feel comfortable blogging nothing particularly profound, which will in turn help turn this into a place where I share my thoughts and pictures more frequently.
    Thank you so much for your note! I appreciate you!
    xo Dawn

  8. Hi Dawn! I think the more true you are to yourself, the better your blog will be. The author, Kyran Pittman describes her blog as:

    " field notes, the blog where for five years I've recorded my outside-looking-in observations on this big, little life. Part Underwood typewriter, part Moleskin journal, part refrigerator door: it's become a catchall for everything that digging in yields up."

    I love that. It's also a love letter to your loved ones. A reflection on all you love about nature. So many things. I like the new simple look and I'm sure I'll read your blog no matter how you approach it.... XOXO!

  9. What I have always loved about you and your blog is the ease with which you share life's moments. Whether it is something deeply personal,finding mushrooms in the forest or seeing Kiki and Boston at play your blog is always a delight. Also love the pictures you take and share. Thank you for sharing sweet friend, no matter how you choose to do it.xoxo

  10. i adore your blog. very much. i also loved your sidebar links to other blogs because i discovered so many interesting folks who have found bliss in their life affirming arts. thanks. you'll probably never know how much you've helped others.

  11. I've re-added the blog roll, thanks so much for reminding me, Thea!

  12. i love simplicity too. and i love writing and sharing for myself and my five children. it's always a thrill when others are interested in my journal and i feel surprised and happy when that happens.

    your redo looks beautiful.

  13. It is yours to do as you like. Be creative, be moody, be introspective, be funny...whatever strikes you!
    Go girl!

  14. I always love all of your posts Dawn and some of the ones that have stuck out to me the most and have said "this is who Dawn is" are the ones about your walks through the forrest, your plans for your home or what you made yourself for dinner. Simple everyday notions and observations. So lovely and genuine.

  15. Beautiful. A little glimpse into the life and thoughts of someone so appreciate and aware of the world around them half a world away is what I love about your spot. Keep it up, the more honest, the more relatable.

  16. LOVE it!
    Simple is divine in it's patterns and space.
    Lovely. Thank you for the phone conversation too, about

  17. Simplicity is key - I keep trying to get this in my life. I like the quote very much - I think that is me too. Just reading about the dogs above and the baby due soon. So nice to catch up! xxx



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