Monday, July 25, 2011

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks, 1 day. 

Total weight gain: About 20 pounds.

How big is baby? A little over 4 pounds.

Sleep: I can't believe it, but I am now a snorer. Ramon has had to wake me up a few times to get me to stop. I really hope it goes away once Raffi is born!

Best moment this week: Napping with the dogs on the couch, feeling Rafael move.

Movement: Extreme. He moves most in the afternoon and evening. This week I experienced pain sometimes when he moved, feeling like he was grinding down on my bladder and pelvis. 

Food cravings: My appetite is really poor right now, and at times I feel nauseous. Fruit now tends to give me acid reflux. I'm sticking mostly to toast and milk. 

Belly button in or out? Flat.

What I miss: Walking without getting out of breath and not feeling nauseous.

What I'm looking forward to: We have our birth preparation course this Friday and Saturday. I am looking forward to taking those and feeling prepared for birth and the first weeks with the baby.

Milestone: My shirts officially don't cover my belly anymore and I have to wear belly bands. 


  1. oh my goodness, Dawn! You and Raffi look spectacular, and I hope the next several weeks go wonderfully well. Take good care of yourself: you deserve it.

  2. Such a beautiful Momma Dawn! I can't wait to meet Raffi either, feel like I know him already! Stay sister always found that not eating after 5pm helped her reflux in the last months...hope you feel better soon xoxo

  3. You are looking radiant Dawn :) And I love the little snippets and details about your pregnancy. I hope you and Ramon have a wonderful time at the antenatal class at the end of the week, such a great thing to look forward to.
    Love Morwenna xoxo

  4. Yayyyyyy!!!! You look so CUTE!!! :) Enjoy the classes! xoxo, Blair

  5. look adorable...i read the last post about Boston...the title of the post really scared me...i had both Buddy and Teddy neutered and they were just fine...the vet told me a neutered dog will want to be with you...not other dogs...and it's true!!!

    getting closer to that sweet little boy being born... so much to look forward to...enjoy each day..i know you do.

    sendind love to you all,
    kary and teddy

  6. I am happy to hear your happiness!

  7. My Mom said that my brother, out of my sister and I, gave the most powerful kicks and her heartburn was the worst with him. But, he was also the longest (although not the heaviest), don't know if that caused it.

    Love your updates!

  8. I love your updates Dawn! I really can;t believe how far along you are though! It seems like just yesterday when you announced to all of us (your readers) that you were expecting. Does it feel like it's gone by quickly for you? xoxo

  9. you are delightful and the sweetest mama! oh and you probably didn't know but stripes stretched over baby bumps are my fave! xx



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