Friday, July 1, 2011

Daddy's First Gift For His Son

Ramon just sent me this picture from Italy, where he is currently filming a television show. Ever since I can remember, when we would go into a shoe shop, he would look at the baby Nikes and say, "Some day...."

That day has come.

I felt so happy looking at this picture, knowing the pride and excitement Ramon is feeling, the anticipation and love.

One year ago today, I wrote this blog entry. So much has changed. And I am reminded that we should put our lives in God's hands, and trust God's timing.

Happy July, everyone!

xoxo country girl

P.S. I just bought a box of the rosiest, most delicious apricots at the farmer's market. Time to fill jars with sunshine again!


  1. Ah, so cute! So much to look forward to! happy weekend sweetie xoxo

  2. Aw! How cute! I love so sweet! xxx

  3. Oh Dawn...those are just darling!! How things change and yes only God knows our future and we must always put our trust in HIM...

    xoxo Gert

  4. Happy that this July you are just weeks away from fulfilling your dream of motherhood, how much can change in a year. Know Ramon must be counting the days too when he can hold his son. Didn't know they made Nikes that small, so cute!
    Sounds like your nesting mode is in full swing with jam making, apricot is one of our favorites.

  5. darling....i just went and read last July's post....and you are so right, my friend

    it's all in God's hands...

    i am so happy for you and Ramon...

    sending SUMMER love,
    kary and teddy

  6. This is such a sweet post and it had tears in this pregnant lady's eyes too, even though it has nothing to do with me!

    I had no idea of your previous loss, having only come across your blog earlier this year, but went through your archives to try and catch up. Thank you for sharing all that you did, and I am even more excited for you and your pregnancy now I know what you've been through x

  7. Oh, how blessed you are, Dawn and so right to trust in God. You will be the finest mother and Ramon the dearest father. I can just see the tiny Nike's on Raffi's little feet and see the two of you beaming as you gaze upon your son. With much love, Sherry xx

  8. Oh Dawn; you are so right. I have been looking for the answer for several years now on what 'to do next.' After a lifetime of teaching in one form or another, I so want to have a bed and breakfast or tea shop/room. We sold our home and keep looking everywhere. When I lose my patience, I am frustrated, sad, and anxious. When I remember to trust God's timing, I am filled with peace.

    Your beautiful baby and this wonderful post is a gentle reminder to do just that: trust in God's timing....

    My you be filled with the blessings of FAMILY and LOVE,

    Joann in Colorado XOXO



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