Monday, July 11, 2011

High Summer

This weekend was incredibly hot, and in the evenings the heat churned up wild, loud, cracking storms that lit up the night sky with lightening, shook homes with thunder, and sent down sheets of rain. These storms only lasted about an hour. The dogs were wide-eyed and quiet, looking at us to see if we knew what all that racket was, if we thought everything was alright or if the world was coming to an end. The warm mornings were somewhat refreshed from the rain, though it's still been impossible to feel anything but sticky these past few days. 

We watched the Kill Bill movies, and True Grit. Spent hours and hours discussing ideas to pitch to Palmers for their next ad campaign. Ramon showed me some new things in Photoshop (I love it when he teaches me things). I baked up vanilla cupcakes for the neighborhood BBQ, complete with buttercream frosting and sprinkles. And we took slow walks in the forest, wading through the thick heat, sweat trickling down our backs, the dogs stopping at what seemed like every puddle to drink and cool off their paws.

Now it's Monday morning. The dishwasher is sloshing around and the washing machine has a load of darks turning in bubbly circles. I love the sounds of those domestic machines. They are the sounds of home and of getting-stuff-done. On Monday mornings this place always looks like a train-wreck, but I've got it pristine by noon. Monday cleaning is a favorite of mine; the improvement is always obvious and appreciated. 

Oh, the silly little things that make a homemaker's heart sing.


  1. You paint a picture of such domestic bliss Dawn! :) You really do. I'd love to hear more about your friends too and who spends time with you and Ramon. Also, love the Kill Bill movies and enjoyed True Grit! xxx

  2. As always such beautiful photos. Felt like I could just reach out and touch Boston and that last one with the purple thistles. Love it! I love my Monday cleaning day too, don't always get it done by noon, but then you are soon to find that out once the family grows. Wishing you a very happy domestic bliss.

  3. It's nice to see someone other than me who appreciates Mondays, they really do set the tone for the whole week and I love to start it off with a clean home! :) Hot here too, I'm getting anxious for fall already!

  4. Oh yes Sue...I like Mondays! Another thing I like about them is that there is mail again. I love mail. :)

  5. hahhaah...thats m y girl! Mail and a clean house.
    Thanks for posting about the summer storms...something I love. Your pics are glow.

  6. Oh Dawn..I'm sure your kitchen and home looks amazing by noon on

    Our weekend was about like yours with the heat and humidy... but we didn't have any rain.. I know Rusty is the same way..when this happens..he just looks at us to make sure it is okay..

    xoxo Gert

  7. Actually just like you describe, I sort of love that about Mondays; being able to clean up from the fun, but cluttered weekend fun. Beautiful pictures!

  8. Such beautiful pictures, and lovely description of your weekend :)



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