Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Is A Gourmet

"Summer is a gourmet. Where winter must eat to live, to refuel against the cold, summer may, like a hummingbird, flit lightly from taste to delicious taste." -Barbara Webster, The Green Year

Peaches (raw), apricots (boiled down into sticky jam), plums (baked into buttery cakes).....I am reveling in the tastes of summer fruit. 

I found wild raspberries next to the forest path, so small and seedy compared to the ones you buy at the store. There are only enough to pause and eat them there on the spot. But really I like to leave them for the birds and mice. 

This morning, after a quick, powerful rain, the path through the woods was strewn with little branches, tiny wild cherries, and yellow leaves. The wind came in strong gusts, so very welcome in this heat. Boston followed sounds and smells up and down the wooded hillside while Kiki patrolled patches of sunlight, because that's where the white moths play that she loves to chase. Her whole body wags and her eyes search the ground and the bushes while she waits. In summer she's a butterfly chaser; in fall she's a leaf chaser; in winter she's a snow and ice roller; and in spring she's a puddle wader.


  1. Gorgeous, simple post Dawn... it says everything you need! Enjoy these last few weeks of solitude...they are very precious. Love to you xoxo ps Alice was a Poo Roller today ;-) HHmmmmm xox

  2. Oh, what a wordsmith you are, Dawn!! Enjoyed each in poetry! Have a lovely day, sweetie! Hugs, Sherry xx

  3. Great quote! Beautiful photo!



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