Monday, July 27, 2009

best friends

It amazes me when I watch Kiki and her little friend Ena interacting with one another; the playfulness and the sheer joy they share when out exploring or indoors wrestling with each other. I've never known two dogs to display so much affection for one another. When you see them together, it's clear that they genuinely like each other. And it's not like with people, where there is small talk and superficiality; with dogs, they let another dog know from the get-go whether they like them or not. There's no being polite. 
So when a bond like this takes places, you know it's a pure bond. You know they jump and chase and sniff together because they really do like one another. It's so innocent and real, and just absolutely beautiful to witness.


  1. Aw...I always think it is so cute how dogs get so happy to see each other. If you think about it - if we were in their shoes and we only occassionally got to see a fellow human I think we would be overjoyed too!



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