Thursday, July 9, 2009

Polaroid Camera Arrived!

The minute I saw the cool polaroid shots on the foodie blog Orangette, I knew I had to get myself a polaroid camera. Hubby and I searched on the web and found a used one on Amazon. I love the way polaroid photographs look kind of faded and old. Also, you never really know how the picture is going to turn you see my first two successful shots, but I left out a still-life of heirloom tomatoes in a bowl, because it was totally blurry. That's the beauty of polaroids: when a picture comes out beautifully, you feel lucky and want to take more...and if a picture comes out horribly, you still want to take more! Those few minutes before a photo has fully developed make me feel like a kid again, waiting for a treat that you know is on the way. I actually remember my childhood friend Rosemary taking polaroids at one of her birthday parties, we must have been about ten. She labeled them all with a black magic marker, with names and the date. I wonder if she still has them.


  1. I love polaroid cameras - but I thought they were not being made anymore - which meant it was harder to obtain the film?

  2. Ya, we were surprised that there was only 1 polaroid camera available on Amazon, and used for that matter; I didn't know they stopped making them! You can order the film over Amazon, no problem. I can't wait to get a scanner so I can actually scan my polaroid pictures in!
    Thanks for stopping by, always love having you!



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