Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zappalot, We're Building A Fort!

'Zappalot' is a word my mother-in-law uses when there's something to get excited about. Today I stopped by my sister-in-law's home, and after eating a delicious BBQ lunch her little son Angelo decided next on the list was building a fort with his grandma out of crocheted ribbons, scarves, and blankets. They made a comfy floor with a comforter and finished it off with a wall of pillows. Once his squishy stuffed dog joined him, and he had a bottle of juice in his hand, he was all set.
I can't tell you how much being with him makes me yearn for children of my own. I actually physically feel the desire pulling at my heart strings. Then I tell myself, Be patient, your children will come, it will all happen on God's time, not yours. 


  1. Yours will be a lucky baby when it comes! In the meantime, you have a lucky nephew!

  2. Thank you, Joy! Angelo is a wonderful child, and I am so glad he joined the family.

  3. Making forts are SOOOO much fun! When I was a kid I was obsessed with making them out of duvets and sofas - anything I could find - and outside too with leaves and sticks. The ones inside were the best though...I always wondered why we had to dismantle them later thinking when I grew up, I'd make a most excellent fort and leave it standing so you could crawl into it and snuggle whenever you wanted to!

  4. Curious Cat, my little brother actually had a fort for about half a year underneath his bunk bed. It was so much fun to go in there, felt like it's own little reality. He had a lamp and pillows, his stereo and books. Sometimes we would go in there with cups of hot chocolate and listen to stories on tape, and feel totally cut off from the rest of the world.



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