Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green+Socks=Laundry Day

When you have bright green socks on, you know it's time to do some serious loads of laundry. Why do I even have green socks? Where did they come from? Some things, we'll never know.

While the laundry was spinning in the machine, I visited my garden and picked summer flowers. Can you believe they were all started from seed? Nature is simply amazing.

In the meantime, the question about where to spend our vacation has evolved. Now it's a tie between Cape Cod and Litchfield, Connecticut. Arrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! 

*sigh* I should spend some time today focused on being incredibly grateful that this is my biggest problem right now.


  1. Litchfield? Where did that come from? Hmm...me thinks that if you are still torn then neither are right and when you find something that is right then it will fit all into place perfectly.

    Hmm...those green socks are a mystery...who made them? Where did they come from? Some might say Mars...they are martian socks!

  2. LOL, I think I may just be searching on the net too much, looking at too many beautiful Bed and Breakfasts! We're probably going to Cape Cod. Let's see.
    ...but the martian socks are staying home.

  3. The flowers! Such a FEAST for the eyes!
    Ahhh...The vacation...Might I throw another thought out there and completely confuse you? Mount Desert Island in Maine on which you will find Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor...and you could go sailboating and rock climbing. Southwest Harbor is a quaint little village while Bar Harbor is larger and probably more tourist-y....OR it's beginning to sound as if you might should just take a road trip through the New England area?

  4. Oh Mug, what are you doing to me? Have mercy!
    Maine sounds beautiful, another place on my wish-list. Thing is, hubby and I both don't drive, so we're a bit limited. Otherwise it would be New England road trip all the way!
    The public transportation here is fantastic, and neither of us have ever had the need to get a driver's license. I am panicky about driving anyways. But, the idea of a road trip throughout America is pushing me to do it one day.
    We are pretty close to reserving a room in a lovely B&B in Cape Cod! Drum roll......

  5. Your flowers are absolutely amazing! Wild flowers are the best, don't you agree? I see you're going to the States on holiday. How can someone choose where to go in this vastness I wonder!

  6. That's the thing! Even just choosing an area in new England when all of it is so beautiful....hard work, haha!

  7. hahhahaha on the bright green socks!
    Everyone can relate to the ugly day when you KNOW laundry time is no longer stretchable and comes back at Ya like a sling shot...love the idea of your vacation.
    I GET TO Kiki sit!



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