Tuesday, July 14, 2009

trip to the danube river!

What a day! Dogs, river, heat, mosquitos (ouch!), woods, little riverside houses, lots and lots of bottled water, and my dear friend Tini; that's her with the sunglasses on her head. The adventure ended at her pool where we floated on our backs under the enormous blue sky, and then ate little bowls of caprese salad. These kinds of days leave you feeling pleasantly wiped out and drowsy. Summer!


  1. Yay, great great pics...thank you! It makes it feel like I am there with you guys....sooon!!!

  2. Wow - where do you live? Near the Danube I take it then? Your little dog looks so sweet swimming about with the stick!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures...My high school sponsored a 3 week trip to Europe during the summer before my senior year (MANY years ago!) Austria was my favorite....

  4. @lebenskunst, can't wait!

    @Curious Cat, we live about a 1/2 hour drive from the danube in Austria. It's beautiful here!

    @Mug, Austria is definitely gorgeous. Doesn't really get the credit it deserves, and yet, I am glad, because that means a quiet existance with very few tourists! ;)

  5. Which one is you in the picture? That's frameable! Classis, adorable, candid, wodnerful picture!



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