Thursday, July 2, 2009

...I love this one's clapboard exterior, veranda, and stone steps...'s the kitchen, where cakes will be baked, thanksgiving turkeys stuffed, and christmas cookies decorated...

...a lovely potting table to complete the garden...

...the soft, peaceful bedroom, with soothing colors...

...and rooms for the children, with playful prints and practical furniture.

All of these, still dreams. And my folder gets added to once in a while, but only with pictures which really resonate with me. I even cleared it out a few weeks ago and only left what I really, really love. 
Do material things bring happiness? Well, no, not really. But I do think they can make happiness complete.


  1. Wow, how nice AND convincing!
    I am firm believer in making your surroundings harmonious, clean, simple and clear. Sweet too, just like you.
    Love you Beautiful!

  2. If all of these rooms were collected together in one house it would be utterly dreamy and I could move right in! xxx

  3. Hey girl, you're killing me. Your Dream House folder could very easily be MY Dream House folder. If I weren't older than you, married with a child I would ask you to adopt me!!!!

  4. These house pictuers are gorgeous. I dream of the same type of home...someday!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful inspiration.



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