Tuesday, July 14, 2009

late afternon sun

Kiki and I took our late afternoon walk on the path that winds between the river and the grassy hillside with the one cherry tree on top. Everything was glowing in the light of the setting sun, golden and still. We stopped at the vegetable garden where I have a plot, and gazed at the rays of sunlight soaking the rows of plants, and delicately seeping through the leaves of the tall jerusalem artichoke stalks which will soon sprout pale blossoms. Kiki sat quietly beside me, feeling the peace of the moment. The only sounds were of birds, the river, and the metalic hum of insects. The perfect Summer afternoon.


  1. I love this time of day and I love your blog - you write about things that I love too! xxx

  2. XOXOXO So good to hear, Curious Cat!

  3. What sweethearts you are, both..this is the photo I commented about in the last post...KIki is soooo cute!!!



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