Friday, July 17, 2009

Blueberry Hill

"The blueberries are ripe," my friend Gerit said over the phone yesterday. "Let's pack containers and go gathering tomorrow. Meet me at 9:30 so we can go before it gets too hot."
We've been having the hottest days of the summer this past week, and the thought of trudging up the steep hills to get to where there's a rocky ledge covered in wild blueberry plants sounded like alot of work and sweat; but hey, the reward would be sweet, right?
Well, what you see in my hand above is about half of what we found. Apparantly someone got there before us! We did find a few mushrooms, but I am too sissy to eat them, so Gerit went home with the most loot. At least I got a good work out; kind of like hot yoga, but without the stretching. 


  1. Bummer! And I am totally with you one the mushrooms. I would be TOO chicken!

  2. Oh no! That is greedy of someone! You should always leave a little behind for others... The mushroom thing -well I'd love to eat some wild ones but the horror stories keep me at bay...maybe a mushroom foraging course is required or an expert guide!

  3. Love, love, love your photos! I eat blueberries....but, alas, from the grocery store...every morning on my cereal. We tried growing some to no avail:(

  4. @lupines Gerit told me 100 times that the mushrooms we found are safe, and I kept wanting to try, but my inner voice seems to be a scaredy cat!

    @curious I know, what a let down! I think I lost a pound though, lol! And to be honest, I don't even know if a mushroom hunter's course would change my lack of security...I don't think I'll ever get over the thought of my gravestone reading, "kicked the bucket eating an omelette.'

    @mug Glad you like the pics! I was thinking, at least my fingers look like I found alot of berries! :) I also tried growing, but apparantly blueberries need a certain kind of soil. they only grow in very rocky regions of the forest here.

  5. Oh NO! I was so excited for you...bummer head rush!
    That was it?
    Maybe thats the kind of stuff early tribes fought over:)...whilst we can go to the grocery store and farmer's market...sweet!



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