Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Doggy Nests & Thunder Storms

These pictures give you an idea just how hot it was this afternoon. Both Kiki and her little friend Ena kept stopping along the wheat field to plop into the cool grass and rest. Wish I could have done the same, but I'm a tad more concerned about ticks and ants than these two ladies.
There are black clouds on the horizon, thunder and lightening, so we'll be falling asleep to raindrops on the window, and hopefully a cooler night. As I was sitting here in my chubby white sofa chair, a shattering roll of thunder crashed down and the doggies came running over to me. They climbed all over my lap and laptop, and have now wiggled their way into interesting positions; I have doggy paws and bellies on my neck, against my chest, and stuck in my armpit. It's not comfortable, but it's a heartwarming feeling to be so needed.

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